7 Best Walk In Tub Consumer Reports 2022

Walk-in tubs are a necessity for many people, especially the elderly. As we age, it becomes harder and harder to get in and out of a traditional bathtub. Walk-in tubs solve this problem by providing a safe and easy way to bathe without having to worry about slipping or falling. If you are considering purchasing a walk-in tub, be sure to do your research first. There are many different brands and models available, so you need to find one that fits your needs and budget.



This ARISTA walk-in bathtub is fully loaded with features to help you make the most of your bathing time. The tub has a spacious interior of 27 inches in depth and 53 inches in length, which will help you accommodate 2 people inside the tub.

It includes a gentle air massage that will soothe your tired muscles at the end of a tiring day. Some other exciting features include whirlpool jets with 5-way adjustability, auto-fill faucet, built-in safety grab bars, and a full-length door that opens from the left.

The tub has been made of durable acrylic with textured bottom and floor for better grip, making it slip-resistant as well. The faucet is made of brass and includes an auto-shutoff feature to keep the bathwater warm for a long time.

The tub offers a 10-year warranty on the body, door seal, and faucet. It also comes with a lifetime warranty on the tub support frame and 5 years warranty on the air pump system.


This walk-in bathtub is made of fiberglass and has polyurethane foam insulation that will ensure the water stays warm for a long time. It has an integrated air massage system to help you relax. The tub comes with 4 one-touch adjustable air hoses, which means you can adjust them as per your comfort level.

The tub offers whirlpool jets with 5-way adjustability, a locking door, and textured floor and bathtub walls to provide extra grip and prevent the users from slipping. The faucet is made of brass and has an auto shut-off feature as well for convenience.

The EMPAVA walk-in tub comes with a 10-year warranty on the tub, 5 years warranty on the faucet and door seal, and a full lifetime warranty on the acrylic.


While this walk-in tub is made of fiberglass, it does not compromise on looks and style. It has a companion massage system that comes with 5 adjustable jets and 3 massage options such as bubbles, pulse, or waterfall. The T-Jet water feed helps you adjust the pressure according to your preference.

The ELLA BUBBLES walk-in bathtub also has a built-in air conditioning system that enables the water to be heated at a comfortable temperature. The tub measures 60 inches in length and 30 inches in width, providing enough space for 2 users inside.

The faucet is made of brass and comes with an anti-scald feature. Additionally, it is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


The Ariel Bath EZWT-3060-R is a dual 6 whirlpool bathtub that offers endless comfort and relaxation to the users. It comes with an air massage system that helps you unwind after a long day at work. The tub includes 12 air jets, which you can use to adjust the temperature of the water and adjust the pressure of jet streams.

The tub has been made of durable acrylic, which is extremely easy to clean. The ATS control panel helps you manage temperature, fill level, air massaging system, and LED lighting features easily by pressing a few buttons.

The get-in/outdoor ensures that you get in and out of the tub with ease. The acrylic is covered under a limited lifetime warranty, and the ATS control panel comes with a 5-year warranty.


The American Standard walk-in tub is made of fiberglass and is sturdy enough to offer great support. It has a built-in air whirlpool system with 6 adjustable jets to give you the best massage experience ever. The tub can accommodate 2 people inside easily, making it perfect for couples who want to bond in the spa-like ambiance.

The tub measures 32 x 52 inches and offers a walk-in door on the right side, making it extremely easy to get in/out of the tub safely. The controls are designed ergonomically so that you can access them easily without any hassle. When not in use, this tub can be rolled away to save space.

The American Standard walk-in tub comes with a 5-year warranty on the body and door seal, and a 1-year warranty on the rest of the tub.


This walk-in tub has been designed to make the bathing experience extremely comfortable and relaxing for you. It comes with an air massage system that is adjustable according to your requirements.

The tub measures 33 x 56 inches and is made of durable acrylic, which will surely last a long time. The heat from the water makes it perfect for year-round use. The ergonomically designed controls are easily accessible so that you can control the jets, water temperature, and other features on your own.

The tub comes with a 5-year warranty on the tub, and a limited lifetime warranty on the acrylic.


The Venzi rectangular walk-in bathtub is made of acrylic and is extremely easy to clean. It has a built-in drain system that automatically drains the water once you get out of the tub. It measures 32×56 inches and can accommodate 2 people (comfortably) inside.

The faucet is made of brass and covered with a limited lifetime warranty. The control panel includes 6 air jets, an adjustable waterfall feature, and 3 massage options that you can set according to your preferences.

The tub is sturdy enough to offer great support while sitting inside it, making it perfect for people of all age groups. It comes with a 1-year warranty on the faucet, and a 5-year warranty on the rest of the tub.


When buying a walk-in tub, there are certain factors to consider:


Walk-in tubs can cost anywhere between $900 and $10,000+, depending on the features and quality of the product. The price varies according to the size and material used. So it is best to decide the features and size you need, and check various websites for price comparison so that you get the best deal.


These tubs are available in 2 types- fiberglass and acrylic. Acrylic tubs are easier to clean, while fiberglass ones are stronger and longer-lasting.


You need to decide the size of the walk-in tub you want, keeping in mind the number of people who will be using it. The size has an impact on how much water it can accommodate and how much space it is going to occupy inside the bathroom.


Scoring in all aspects, a whirlpool walk-in tub offers the best bathing experience ever. Whirlpools are perfect for people who want to relax and relieve their bodies from pain and stiffness. Most of these come with electronic controls that enable you to control the massaging jets easily.


Easy access is extremely important when it comes to walk-in tubs. You need to make sure that the controls are situated at a height that makes them easy to use, with all buttons within easy reach. Tub panels should be designed ergonomically so that you can enjoy a relaxed and comfortable bathing experience.


Some walk-in tubs come with batteries that enable you to control the jets, lighting, etc., from outside the tub. This feature is especially important for elderly people since it gives them more control over their baths without having to always rely on other people.


Installing a walk-in tub can be a challenging job. So you need to choose the type of walk-in tub that is easiest to install and suits your bathroom space and design best.


Generally, fiberglass and acrylic are used for making these tubs. Fiberglass ones offer more support and comfort, but they also tend to crack more easily. Acrylic ones are lighter, easier to handle and install, and more durable. You need to decide on the features you want before choosing a material for your tub.

* Tubs of all types should not be used by anyone who is unable to get inside them without assistance from another person. And if you have any serious medical condition, you should consult a doctor before using a whirlpool walk-in tub.

STANDARD FEATURES: Walk-in bathtubs have the following standard features:-

* Some tubs come with built-in grab bars that help you climb out of the tub easily when you are done taking your bath. They also add to the aesthetics of the tub, giving it a more modern look.

* Since these tubs require water connections, every installation has to go through an inspection process. The inspector will check how well your home’s plumbing can handle the additional load, and whether there are any leaks or issues with other appliances in the house.

* These tubs have built-in jets that offer hydrotherapy, making them perfect for relieving pain and stiffness in your muscles. Some of these tubs also come with adjustable jets, to give you full control over the intensity of the massage.

* The other standard features of the tub include wall grab bars, an integrated seat, a lighting system, and a side shelf. The water can be set to different temperatures for various forms of hydrotherapy. You also have some control over the kind of massage you get- either gentle or intense.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I use a walk-in tub?

Walk-in tubs are spacious enough to accommodate more than one person, although you can choose a smaller version if you are just looking for something that’s big enough for you. These tubs are not designed for use in the outdoors since they require constant water connections and electrical power. They need to be installed inside your home or near your bathroom.

2. Are walk-in tubs safe for use by children?

It is a good idea to keep your kids away from the bathtub all the time, but you can allow them access if they are suffering from joint pains or other medical issues that might be relieved with hydrotherapy. The water jets should be aimed at the center mass of the body, and not directly at the feet or other extremities.

3. How do I clean my walk-in tub?

Walk-in tubs are manufactured with waterproof surfaces that resist corrosion and fading. But you can use mild soaps, spot cleaners, and even bleach to keep your tub sparkling. Do not use abrasive cleaners or chemicals since they can damage the waterproof surface.

4. Are walk-in tubs pricey?

Walk-in tubs are higher priced than traditional bathtubs, but they also have more features to make up for that. You can choose a smaller version of this kind of tub if you want something that is less expensive and has fewer features.

5. Are walk-in tubs hard to keep clean?

Walk-in tubs are relatively easier to clean than traditional bathtubs because they have smooth, waterproof surfaces that resist corrosion and fading. You can also easily wipe away any mildew or mold on the walls of the tub since there is no grout between tiles.

6. How deep are walk-in tubs?

Walk-in tubs can be as deep as 52 inches, but you can choose the depth that is best suited for your body size and level of comfort. Some of these tubs slope downwards towards the back so you can enter them easily without any assistance from another person.

7. How do I drain a walk-in tub?

Most of these tubs come with an extended drainpipe that allows you to empty the water easily and quickly without climbing inside. You can use a wet vacuum to suck up any remaining water if you don’t want to deal with the mess.

8. Can I install my own walk-in tub?

Walk-in tubs should be installed by a licensed plumber and electrician to ensure they comply with all the necessary safety standards. These professionals will also take care of any required building permits so you don’t have to worry about that, either.

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