Best Swing Set Reviews Consumer Reports 2022

It is known to all parents: relaxing with the family, enjoying the sun and beautiful weather, playing with your children, contribute enormously to their development. One of the great classics in this area is the swing and slide session, which almost all children love. And adults too. Because the precious memories undoubtedly come from these moments of recklessness and pure shared happiness.

To help you fully experience these moments without any risk, we set out to find the best swing with slide. We compared more than 22 models over 47 hours and analyzed the opinions of 478 parents. If you want to opt for the best model from our selection, we recommend the Wickey Multiflyer, accessible from the age of 3. But if you want the same for toddlers, the Baby Vivo children’s swing will be the go-to choice.

Our Choice For The Best Swings Set

1. Wickey Multiflyer Playground

Wickey brand products have always been seduced by their practicality and are well designed to satisfy all your child’s play desires. Good quality of materials, safety, versatility, ideal ergonomics is all characteristics of this playground. Wickey keeps its reputation with this device, which we invite you to discover more closely.

What we think of the Wickey Multiflyer

It imposes, the wooden swing with a slide from Wickey.

The brand did not stop at offering a simple play area for your child.

It also gives him the desire to use it to their heart’s content, as the ergonomics are successful.

Very good product of good quality. Easy to assemble, very clear instructions. Requires screwdriver and drill as boards are not pre-drilled. I built it largely alone and with my husband to finish, so really within the reach of amateur DIY enthusiasts. The wood is of very good quality and treated. The accessories are of very good quality too. 

A perfect marriage of colors between the wood used and the color of the swings and the slide.

Through this product, Wickey offers your child a climbing wall, 2 swings, a slide, an integrated sandbox, and a telescope.

There is enough to allow him to give free rein to his imagination to undertake various adventures, in a universe despite everything restricted.

The slide has a water connection for more fun in the slides.

In addition, the swings have adjustable ropes for the better comfort of your treasure.

We would like to emphasize the robustness and solidity of the whole, once the assembly is finished.

This certainly denotes the quality of the materials used in the design, but also Wickey’s dedication to ensuring the safety of your child.

As proof, it was designed with solid wood, impregnated in an autoclave.

It is therefore a practical, safe and inexpensive item, because the price offered is more than affordable, given its versatility.

You could even say it’s the best children’s playground around!

If you have some room in your backyard, this is the best children’s play area on the market. Certainly, your child will have to wait until their 3 years old to enjoy this gift, but it is totally worth it. The very good quality of the materials suggests the exceptional longevity of this product. In addition, the warranty offered is 2 years, which is not negligible. It is also necessary to underline its versatility (climbing wall, slide, swing) which will undoubtedly please your child. Finally, the price-performance ratio is very competitive. Suffice to say that all the conditions are met to motivate his purchase!


  • Versatility
  • Considerable lifespan
  • Very good quality of materials
  • Security

The lessers

  • Not before 3 years

The lessers

Not before 3 years

2. Baby Vivo

For the good mental and physical development of your child, it is normal that he devotes himself to certain activities which allow him to easily understand his environment. Baby Vivo, therefore, offered to provide him with the right equipment for his development with this play area combining a slide and a swing for moments of play in complete safety.

What we think of Baby Vivo

This swing with a slide offers an indoor and outdoor space.

Bought as a common gift for our daughter’s 1 year old, it is perfect for her age, especially the swing.

Easy assembly, moderately adhesive sticker but does not interfere with the use of the product.

Good value for money “

There is enough to allow your child to let off steam and defy the laws of gravity despite his age, thanks to the different games.

The playground is equipped with a staircase to reach the slide.

This allows him to work the muscles in his feet.

Then, he goes to the toboggan and will be able to enjoy the pleasure of sliding like all children of his age.

With the swing, he can have a good time resting after a most exciting adventure on the slide.

If all these assets are entertaining, to say the least, the quality and safety of your child remain a priority point in the criteria.

You should know that the Baby Vivo is entirely made of plastic, a very thick, resistant, and robust plastic.

In addition, the swing with slide offered by Baby Vivo is certified by the INTERTEC institute.

It is an institution that e the safety of products in this category. So be quiet because your baby is not at risk.

This swing with slide is one of the best things you can offer for your child who has just celebrated their first birthday. It is a toy that tests his creativity and his taste for adventure. The quality of the Baby Vivo is very appreciable. It is undoubtedly the most suitable for your baby, with one of the best value for money on the market.


  • Very good quality material
  • Ease of installation
  • Tested by the INTERTEC institute
  • Strength and robustness

The lessers

  • Price
  • Poor quality stickers

3. Wickey Smart Lodge 120

If Wickey already enjoys a good reputation in the field of playgrounds, the products it markets prove that it always seeks to offer items free from reproach. This time, the brand provides one of the most complete products in the field: the Wickey Smart Lodge 120. We already know the quality and the level of safety of Wickey’s products, but this swing with slide offers your child a universe where nothing is missing. Suffice to say that boredom has no place with this playground!

What we think of the Wickey Smart Lodge 120

Logically, we paid special attention to the design and on this point, we were not disappointed.

This wooden swing with slide has a charm that leaves no one indifferent.

It gives the impression of being a fortified castle where the prince (or the princess) is none other than your little one.

“Yes it’s expensive, the price of a high-end phone, but what do children like (do like me, take a € 100 phone and the children’s cabin ^^).
One day to assemble, another to dig and pour concrete.
Two or three parts were missing, top service, responsive, pro. Nothing to say, for the price I am very happy with the quality! ”

So yes, it does impose, and you will need a garden with space to set up this playground.

But beyond the design, it offers the prospect of exceptional adventures.

Not only does it have a large integrated sandbox, but it also has a slide, two swings, a climbing wall, and a ladder.

From one game to another, there is something to develop your child’s skills.

The Wickey Smart Lodge 120 offers a sort of cabin with a roof to provide shelter from the elements.

Little more, it is equipped with a steering wheel and a telescope, thus initiating your child in the art of navigation and of observing.

To come to your concerns, as a parent, know that this playground is made in terms of quality and safety.

In addition, the design material (wood) guarantees foolproof strength and remarkable longevity.

All the same, plan a good day to assemble everything, and also to put your feet in concrete for maximum stability.

If you are looking for a wooden swing with a slide that offers endless possibilities for your child and friends, we would definitely recommend the Wickey Smart Lodge 120. It is a swing with a complete slide, which offers an excellent quality of materials. Its solidity reflects the degree of safety and reliability that the brand has insisted on highlighting. It is difficult to find such a gem on the market with such great features. You rarely find such a complete playground, with such a good quality/price ratio.


  • Quality and safety
  • Impressive variety of games
  • Maisonette with counter
  • Easy assembly

The lessers

  • Long assembly
  • Price

4. vidaXL

For parents who want to provide an ideal and safe play environment for their child without emptying their pockets, the vidaXL is an excellent deal. This brand offers you a recent model with interesting features, but above all at a reasonable price.

What we think of the vidaXL

This playground is made up of a slide, two adjustable rope swings, and a ladder.

“Very good product good quality we added 2 boards at the top of the ladder because the space between the two was a bit big for young children. ”

All the conditions are thus met to allow him to do a few laps, to maintain shape, and also to solidify his muscles.

This is a significant point when we know that your child is growing.

To prevent it from suffering from the sun or to rest for a few minutes, it has a dedicated shelter, a tower in this case.

In terms of quality, the safety of this product complies with recent standards in this area.

The manufacturer also offers a 2-year warranty, which makes us stress that the price-performance ratio of this article is frankly interesting!

If there is one thing that should be highlighted in relation to this inexpensive swing with slide, it is obviously its value for money which remains one of the best on the market. The low price offered does not take away the practicality it offers your child. In addition, it is an article certified for its quality and safety. Undoubtedly, this is a very good deal.


  • Excellent value
  • Material quality
  • Complete play area

The lessers

  • No real house
  • Ground anchors are not provided

5. Wickey FreeFlyer

Also at Wickey, we have unearthed this superb swing with slide, having the essential characteristics which can allow your children to have proper fun. This playground has two swings, a sandbox with accessories, and a blue slide. Quality and safety are guaranteed with this solid wood model impregnated in an autoclave, covered by a 10-year warranty on all wooden components. This playground has all the characteristics of a reliable and playful slide gantry for children, which is why we invite you to discover it.TraderStockPriceLink Please wait … We are looking for the price of this product on other sites

What we think of the Wickey FreeFlyer

The Wickey FreeFlyer is play equipment that is very popular with children.

Very practical, it can be installed without difficulty in one day.

The installation can be done without you having recourse to a professional since the whole procedure is well explained in the instructions.

“This playground is just GREAT!
Ascent in one day.
My 3 year old son is thrilled with this playground. The slide is long and slides very well!
Very satisfied with my purchase. ”

Sophie L.

It is just necessary to clear a space of 2m around the installation area of ​​the playground for safety.

With this playground, children can have fun in several areas like the sandbox, the rope ladder, the swing, and the slide.

For children aged 3, the slide is very popular since it slides well along its length.

Parents can customize the play area to suit their children.

To this end, you can add elements such as intermediate rungs, guardrail boards upstairs, and shock-absorbing or sand slabs to the descent of the slide.

For parents, this swing with slide is the right solution to entertain children in the garden!

With its design in solid wood impregnated in an autoclave, no need to worry: it’s solid!

The Wickey FreeFlyer is a wooden swing with a slide that offers the possibility of climbing several play areas such as a climbing ladder, the climbing wall, and the sandbox. It offers good value for money and is easy to install. We recommend this playground not only because of the safety and quality that is ensured but also because the price and reputation of Wickey are worth it.


  • Complete play area
  • Easy installation
  • Material quality
  • Safety of installations

The lessers

  • Nothing 

6. Little Tom Portique

For Little Tom, it is well possible to entertain children with physical activities, even at a young age. This is what justifies the provision of this slide swing gantry, which includes most of the play compartments you need to enjoy moments of relaxation with your children. The Little Tom Portico consists of a swing, a slide, climbing walls, all forming a playhouse with 3 pieces of equipment.

What we think of the LittleTom Portique

This slide swing set stands out with its colorful plastic design that adapts well to almost all young children.

The Littleton Portico is designed for children aged 1 to 6.

This complete play kit includes a plastic playhouse, a very comfortable swing, and a slide.

“Very easy to install suitable for toddlers the height of the set is perfect the slide is small but suitable for the first age. ”

Sylvie M.

The stable and firm structure of this slide swing gantry reassures about its resistance and the safety of children.

Indeed, its manufacturing material is weather-resistant plastic.

Thus, children will be able to play on this gantry installed inside, or outside in a garden for example.

It has rounded corners and edges, with a plastic design not harmful to the fragile organism of the little ones.

If for children it is a pleasure to play on this swing, parents take pleasure in installing this kit quickly enough in less than a quarter of an hour, possible without the use of DIY tools.

However, in use, this gantry is not suitable for all children under 6 years old.

Since the maximum load weight supported is 30Kg, not all children with a weight over it will really be able to play at the risk of tipping the gantry.

It’s a complete set of games that installs and disassembles in less than 15 minutes, all without tools. Its use is in no way dangerous since the manufacturing materials are not harmful. Considering its characteristics and despite its high price, this model of swing with slide is very appreciable and constitutes a reliable alternative for those who wish to offer a beautiful play area to their child.


  • Quality
  • Assembly in less than 15 minutes
  • Suitable for babies

The lessers

  • Price

7. vidaXL Tour

Live better for less! This is the motto of the vidaXL brand. The least we can say is that the brand remains faithful to this motto. They are one of the best brands on the market that offer great quality items for a great price. This area is no exception to this rule.

What we think of the vidaXL Tour playground

Simple, efficient, and well designed, the brand has succeeded in making children happy through this playground.

“This playground is fun and the wood seems to be tough. On the other hand, you have to be a very good handyman and be equipped to assemble it. No problem for us but it might be a problem for some. Our 3.5 year old son is very happy. It is still small for the climbing wall but it takes full advantage of the hut, the slide and the swings. ”


But the most interesting is the multitude of features it offers.

Indeed, this playground offers more than the essential: adjustable and rustproof rope swings, slides, and ladder.

But, it goes further by with a small house located in height, which gives it a more complete appearance.

Your child can take refuge there and even rest there to catch his breath without being disturbed.

In addition, he can take advantage of an intuitive climbing wall to develop his motor skills.

Like most vidaXL products, this swing with slide is also certified by TÜVRheinland.

So your child can enjoy all the features without fear.

With a maximum supported weight of 50 kg, he can also invite his friends or brothers to join him without any risk.

It’s not common to find a playground with all of these features at such a competitive price. The quality and safety it offers are genuine, especially with regard to the two-year warranty. For an average budget, this is definitely one of the most competitive choices.


  • Complete play area
  • Quality and safety
  • Playhouse
  • Price

The lessers

  • Difficult assembly
  • Often incomplete delivery

Why trust us ?

All the recommendations that we make on are the result of several weeks or months of research, comparisons, analyzes of consumer opinions and, if necessary, interviews with experts and scientists. You will quickly realize that the products we recommend here are not the most expensive or the trendiest: they are the ones that will best perform their daily task, passing all the safety, reliability, and efficiency requirements with flying colors and with an attractive price/quality ratio for you.

In the end, the products we recommend are the ones we would like to buy, and the ones we would choose for our friends and family as well.

What to know before buying a swing set

To distract themselves outside, and sometimes inside, children are more attracted by the idea of ​​defying gravity with the swings and possibly with the slides.

Playing with a sliding swing is fun, and therefore not easy. When children are in a euphoric phase, it is important that an adult be present to ensure their safety. Thus, supervision is required for all of your child’s sessions.

On the other hand, respecting the maximum weight supported is a safety index. The weight mentioned is global and not individual to each child. For swings with slides allowing several children to play simultaneously, it is up to the parents to ensure that the sum of their weights does not exceed the maximum supported. Otherwise, on the one hand, the children risk being injured, and on the other hand, your installation will be damaged very quickly.

The criteria for choosing the best swing set

Before selecting our swings with slide, we have taken into account some essential criteria, which we strongly recommend that you take into account, in order to have a satisfactory swing with slide.

Age and maximum weight supported

If these criteria are at the top of the list, it is simply that it is one of the safety points for your child. Not all gantries are the same. For your child to be able to distract himself on some, it will take him or her at least 3 years. For others, it may be less. It is important that your child is of the recommended psychological age for the slide swing you want to install. In addition, it is recommended for more comfort, to take adjustable rope swings that adapt to its size.

As for the maximum weight supported, you probably know that the consequences would be serious if your child weighed more than necessary. Indeed, when its weight is greater than that recommended, the pressure on the swing ropes or the slide may be too much. There is not only the risk of the installation being damaged but even more risk of your child being hurt. In these cases, it is often unexpected falls with possible dislocations. The weight will also let you know how many of your children can play on the swing at the same time. So be careful. It’s good to have fun, but not at the risk of hurting yourself!

The manufacturing material

In today’s market, gantry cranes are made from wood, plastic, or metal. It doesn’t say that one is more recommended than the other, but there are some aspects to consider. After that, it’s a matter of taste. For metal, it’s a bit easier. The material is actually steel designed for the outdoors. It does not require real maintenance and is less expensive and lighter than wood.

For wooden slide swing gantries, it should be noted that they are more aesthetic in a garden. However, the wood must be treated to resist weathering and mold. So, if you go for wood, make sure it can last so your child can enjoy it for as long as possible.

When it comes to plastic slide swing sets, the quality is usually rated lower than the others, but the type of plastic is decisive. High-quality plastic provides the necessary safety for your child. At least, if you respect the maximum weight supported. Also, you should know that it is this type of playground that is easier to install indoors. Your child can therefore play regardless of the season.

Installation dimensions

If you have space in your home, this is fine. In this case, it will be necessary to take into account the dimensions of the gantry once it is installed. Make sure the space you have is capable of accommodating the slide, swing (s), and ladder to access the slide. It would indeed be regrettable to receive your package and realize that you do not have enough space to install it.

The price

Pleasing your child is a good thing, but you also have to consider your budget. Our selection adapts to any type of budget while focusing on recommendable quality. The problem of quality does not therefore arise. You just need to assess the features and proceed according to your abilities. In all cases, it is advisable to offer your child a safe, stable, and affordable swing slide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best slide swing?

We analyzed and then compared 22 models of slide swings for nearly 47 hours, and took into account the opinions of 478 parents. Here are the best models of the moment: Wickey Playground Multiflyer, Baby Vivo, Wickey Smart Lodge 120, vidaXL, Wickey FreeFlyer, Little Tom Portico, and vidaXL Tour. More details in our detailed comparison.

How to choose a swing set?

Consider these criteria in order to have a satisfactory slide swing:

1. Age and maximum weight supported: All gantries are not the same. For your child to be able to distract himself on some, it will take him or her at least 3 years. For others, it may be less. It is important that your child is of the recommended psychological age for the slide swing you want to install. Regarding the maximum weight supported, the one indicated by the manufacturer must be observed so as not to damage the installation and above all to preserve the safety of your child.

2. Manufacturing material: The gantries are made of wood, plastic, or metal. Those made of wood must be treated to resist weathering and mold if they are placed in a garden. Conversely, metal gantries do not require real maintenance and are lighter and cheaper than wooden ones. When it comes to plastic slide swing sets, the quality is usually rated lower than the others, but the type of plastic is decisive.

3. The dimensions of the installation: Make sure that the space you have is capable of containing the slide, the swing (s) as well as the ladder giving access to the slide.

4. The price: Just assess the features and proceed according to your abilities. In all cases, it is advisable to offer your child a safe, stable, and affordable swing slide. More details are in our detailed buying guide.

Swings, play areas: fun for children.

Finding one to find out more or a quality swing, robust, inexpensive, and good value for money is possible.
With a small, medium, or large outdoor space, what could be better than this kind of outdoor play so that your children will have stars in their eyes and can have fun outdoors while getting some fresh air and being positively occupied?
Games that you can adapt according to your place, your desires, or your budget.

Outdoor games to spend hours there.

Whether it is wooden or metal play frames or a baby swing frame, a slide for children or adults, a swing for babies or children …
You and your cherubs will be delighted that they can s ” oxygenate the mind, while spending good moments of calm and giggles, in these outdoor play areas, in order to liven up their days.

Aesthetic, easy to assemble and maintain, inexpensive, these play areas will delight young and old, decorate the garden, and can make a very pleasant play area in a garden, near a house. A pleasant investment and a guarantee of tranquility.

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