Best Coffee Makers Consumer Reports 2022

The need of every coffee lover is very diverse. A coffee maker should be chosen on the basis of information gathering if you do not want to incur expenses that may cause you to regret your decision after the purchase. Above all, you have to learn to master the information concerning the brewing time, the number of cups, and the dosage of water. 

In the situation where you don’t have the time to spend reading our entire buying guide and the products on our top list, then here are the top two models based on our reviews. Delonghi Dedica is a practical device that offers many features. Thanks to its Nozzle Pro program, you can concoct all the hot drinks you want. Melitta 6613648 has a programmable function.

Buying guide – How to choose a good coffee maker?

A coffee maker is a device that allows you to have well-flavored, tasty, and brewed coffee at the right temperature if you choose the best model. However, how do you buy a coffee maker that is better value for money? Through this buying guide for the best coffee makers, to save your time in your research, we suggest that you take into account 3 main characteristics including the brewing time, the number of cups obtained, and the dosage of water.

The infusion time

Our advice for buying a good coffee maker begins with taking into account the brewing time of each machine that is likely to be the lucky one. The machine will be of no use to you if you are someone who is always in a hurry, while your coffee brewing time lasts for hours. Moreover, in the majority of cases, if people buy a coffee maker it is because they want to get their coffee in no time, without having to do anything.

Conventional coffee makers allow your coffee to brew between 89 and 96 ° C in just five minutes. Brewed at this temperature and during this time, your coffee will be well flavored and will have an exceptional flavor.

Once the brewing time has elapsed, if you are the type to take care of other chores before having your coffee, its taste may have deteriorated and you may even burn it if you use an unsuitable coffee maker for this purpose. This is why, after knowing the brewing time, you must also take the time to know if the coffee maker can keep the coffee hot while having the same flavor or if it is accompanied by an insulated cup or carafe. special for conservation.

The number of cups obtained

Before thinking about where to buy your new coffee maker, you need to define in advance the capacity of the coffee maker that suits you best. Avoid the mistake of thinking that there is no difference between using a one-cup coffee maker and a 10-cup coffee maker because the important thing is to dose well according to your needs, given that the quantity of coffee to be infused is more important for the second.

If you plan to use your coffee maker for personal use and only one or two cups of coffee is enough to start your day, then choose a one or two cup machine. If you are a large family drinking coffee, then opt for one of these models with a large capacity that can hold up to 12 or even 15 cups.

Water dosage

By analyzing a price comparison to find out which coffee maker is right for you, it will be of great help to you to know if the device allows you to know at a glance how much water you are using and if this quantity is ideal for the desired coffee strength.

If you don’t have a lot of experience in this area, it would be a good idea to choose a coffee maker model that comes with a graduated reservoir that lets you know exactly the dosage of the perfect coffee. While if you are used to brewing coffee without being guided in the dosage, you are free to opt for any other model.

The 6 Best Coffee Makers (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

Your selection of coffee machines should never be light because buying a coffee maker is an investment in its own right for your household. But how do you know: which is the best coffee maker on the market? Start by comparing the different offers using a comparative coffee maker. Check the prices without neglecting the quality of the material to make the best choice!

1. Delonghi EC685.M Dedica Style Espresso Machine

Main advantage

Space-saving, this Espresso machine-style coffee maker is the perfect choice for brewing delicious coffee and flavorful hot milk. With its small size, it is very easy to handle.

Main drawback

The fact that this Delonghi coffee maker is made with a material such as plastic is one of its main flaws in the opinion of some users. Others regret a somewhat complicated removal of its coffee module.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

The excellent quality of the coffee or hot milk that it allows to concoct makes the Delonghi Dedica coffee maker one of the best devices in its category, deserving the score of 9.9 out of 10.


For a device in its range, the manufacturer Delonghi is doing its best by offering a coffee maker with a design that combines elegance and modernity. Thanks to its resolutely contemporary gray color, the Delonghi Dedica machine will find its place on your worktop in your kitchen. This color chosen on purpose will blend perfectly with all the objects in your kitchen.

For a pleasant result, while focusing on durability, Delonghi chooses high-quality materials. The entire body of the Dedica coffee maker is made with noble materials such as chrome steel and aluminum, while the base is in high-end plastic. Your device will keep its original state for a long time. The designer of this Espresso-style coffee maker meets your aesthetic expectations, giving you the option of choosing other colors to replace gray.

The performance

The Delonghi Dedica coffee maker has everything to satisfy its users in terms of performance or efficiency. This model is able to provide power reaching 15 bars thanks to its 1300 watts representing its operating power.

With such force, your machine will easily be able to extract the aromas from your coffee in their entirety without, however, adversely affecting the quality of your preparation. Fans of full-bodied coffee will be delighted to use this appliance from Delonghi. It is extremely powerful to guarantee you an interesting result.

Delonghi Dedica is also a coffee maker on which you can use your classic pods for the preparation of all your coffee recipes. You will be surprised by the end result as this machine will keep all the flavors of these pods for your greatest happiness.


Very practical, Delonghi Dedica is a coffee maker designed to meet all of your coffee-making requirements. It’s the perfect device to brew your coffee the way you like it. Thanks to its adaptability, this machine gives you the possibility of customizing the water level in your coffee. The idea here is to allow you to adjust the quantity of it according to the nature of the recipe you want to make. No matter what your tastes as coffee lovers, you have equipment that can meet all your requirements.

To allow you to enjoy your investment as long as possible, the Delonghi brand has opted for high-end and easy-to-maintain materials in the design of its coffee maker. It is up to you to clean it regularly to keep your chances of using it for preparation over a reasonable period of time.

2. Melitta Filter Coffee Maker with Glass Jug

It’s a habit for you to drink a cup of smooth coffee every morning and/or noon to start the day. This Melitta model really makes your everyday life easier. Equipped with a programmable function, it allows an automatic start of your coffee machine according to your daily schedule. Equipped with an additional clock, it can be the best programmable coffee maker for you!

Thanks to its 900 Watts power and its capacity of 8/12 cups, it ensures good performance. For easier and more practical use, it is composed of a removable water tank with a water level indicator, a glass jug, a drip-stop system, a filter holder removable, a digital display with light indicators.

To optimize your safety, this coffee machine is advantageously equipped with an automatic shut-off function after 2 hours. So you don’t have to worry about anything, even if you forgot to turn it off. For its proper functioning, this model offers an indicator and an automatic descaling system. This also allows you to obtain well-flavored coffees, regardless of their quantity.

The Melitta 6613648 is a coffee maker that does not go unnoticed. Its colors, its ultra-modern look are very popular. According to user tests, it is easy to use and clean.

Good points

Good appearance:

The first advantage of this machine is that it is aesthetically very successful. Its lines are modern and clean. Timer function:

With this option, the preparation of coffee can be programmed in advance. So you can wake up every morning knowing that your coffee is already waiting for you.

Negative Points

Small capacity:

If you had to compare the best coffee makers around, this one has one of the smallest capacities.


The device is not the most compact, it is rather bulky. In addition, the brightness of its LCD screen can be annoying.

3. Staresso Mini Espresso Portable Manual Espresso Machine

Investing in the purchase of a portable coffee machine allows you not to depend on pods. Plus, a cup made with ground coffee tastes better. From a lightly creamy espresso to a more or less bitter cup, this machine can do it all. In theory, as in practice, the pressure that it develops is between 15 and 25 bars, hence its versatility. Add to that a preparation time that will be shortened.    

Small sizes, a width of 7 cm and a height of 21 cm, you will have no trouble carrying it. Likewise, on a scale, it only displays 475 g. Given its elegance, this mini espresso can be used at any time and in any setting. At the same time, the choice of materials simplifies its use and testifies to its robustness.

The milk frother, divider, and tamper are made of plastic. Depending on your needs, this machine can prepare a single or a double espresso. To do this, you just have to fill it with hot water and then add 10 g of ground coffee.

Unlike an electric coffee machine, it works thanks to the piston at the end of the machine. Whether you are used to a manual coffee maker or not, its maintenance is easy.   

Good points


The versatility of this machine will delight more than one, not to mention the fact that this device makes creamy cups. If you happen to run out of ground coffee, you can always fall back to a capsule. All this takes place without any waste.


This version is above all appreciated for its small size and lightness.

Easy to fill:

Any overflow will be avoided thanks to its transparent tank. This also makes it possible to monitor the progress of the preparation in real-time.


Made of glass, the mug that accompanies the machine is resistant to high temperatures. Modern design:

With a modern and clean finish, this coffee maker looks great. 

Negative points

A lack of lubrication:

The fluidity of the piston is lost over time. This problem is caused by a lack of lubrication in the system.

Not waterproof:

A loss of pressure is observed when the piston is engaged.

4. Philips HD7546 / 20 Isothermal Filter Coffee Maker

To answer your question “how to choose the best coffee makers for 2021?”, It is important to first define your needs, your taste, and your budget before any purchasing process. Based on all these criteria, you can select the most suitable coffee machines.

This Philips coffee maker can be your choice if you want to have a simple but powerful and resistant machine. With a power of 1000 Watts, this model is the best tool for obtaining strong and fragrant coffees. Easy to use, it works with a current frequency of 50/60 Hertz and a voltage of 220-240 Volts. It heats up in less than 10 minutes.

Characterized by its design side, this device is coated with brushed and black stainless steel. With a length of 221 mm, a width of 255 mm, a height of 370 mm, it takes up little space in your kitchen. For excellent maneuverability, it has a 0.88-meter long cord and cord storage.

Convenient, this coffee maker is equipped with a ThermInox jug, a pivoting and removable filter holder, as well as dishwasher-safe accessories.

With all these models offered on the internet and in stores, maybe you don’t know which coffee maker to choose. This Philips HD7546 / 20 in brushed stainless steel and with a power of 1.000W might interest you.

Good points


No more unnecessary waste of energy. The machine stops automatically once the coffee has been brewed. And this time for the sake of safety, it stops in case of lack of water.

Easy to wash:

The coffee maker is easy to clean. Its accessories are dishwasher safe.

Negative points


The device won’t last as long as its rugged looks suggestInsulated coffee maker inefficient:

Supposed to keep the heat for several hours, the coffee remains hot for only one or two short hours.

5. Bosch A_TAS2002 Tassimo Coffee Machine

Still, looking for the best coffee maker? This fully automatic Bosch coffee machine may be right for you. Very easy to use, you press the single control button with 4 light indicators to make it work. This appliance features the unique and patented T DISC technology that automatically adjusts the temperature, water volume, and preparation time. This system also triggers the automatic shutdown of the coffee maker, once your drink is ready.

Thanks to the manual mode (longer or shorter), you can personalize your drink. Multifunctional, this machine can be used to prepare 13 different hot drinks, including coffee, espresso, cappuccino, creme coffee, hot chocolate, tea, herbal tea, and latte macchiato.

For convenient and simplified use, this coffee maker with a power of 1600 Watts and a pressure of 3.3 bars is composed of a water tank with a capacity of 1.5 liters (12 cups) with an indicator light water level. For its correct operation, it is equipped with a descaling indicator, a cleaning capsule, a descaling, and an automatic cleaning program. To help save energy in your home, it offers standby after 20 seconds after percolation.

If you are looking to find out which is the best performing coffee maker, this Bosch TAS2002 Tassimo is one to consider closely. Powerful and with a large capacity tank, it is practical in many ways.

Good points


Its reservoir can hold 1.5 liters of water. This will allow him to prepare 12 cups.

Very wide choice of drinks:

13! Here is the number of kinds of drinks that this coffee maker can concoct. Coffee, hot chocolate, tea, all your hot drinks in one device.

Easy to use:

It only has one button. With one click, the coffee is made automatically, without the need for additional settings.

Negative points

Low pressure:

The 3.3 bars are not enough for a good espresso.

Expensive pod:

The price of a cup of hot drink ends up getting expensive.

6. Bosch TKA6033 Filter Coffee Maker

This black coffee maker gives you the opportunity to prepare a well-flavored coffee for each breakfast, thanks to the aroma router and the deep infusion of ground coffee. Equipped with a reservoir with a capacity of 15 cups, it is suitable for serving all kinds of homes, regardless of the number of people it constitutes. Its removable tank is easy to fill.

Powerful with 1100 W, this coffee machine quickly boils water and brings out the taste of ground coffee for an authentic and strong coffee. Practical, it works on an electric voltage of 220-240 V.

It has a “keep warm” function so that you can enjoy piping hot coffee at breakfast time. It also consists of an automatic shut-off system and an anti-drip system to offer you maximum safety. It doesn’t clutter up your kitchen worktop, thanks to its neat design and moderate size of 28.5cm wide, 35.5cm high, and 23cm deep.  

The filter holder of this coffee maker swivels for easy removal and washing. For even more convenience, this model is equipped with a cup indicator, a water level indicator and a cord organizer.

For those looking for the right coffee maker, check out this Bosch TKA6033 coffee maker model that combines aesthetics with functionality and maneuverability.  

Good points

Deep infusion and spinning top for aroma:

these 2 characteristics allow you to make an intensely flavored and creamy coffee.

Reservoir with a capacity of 15 cups:

this large container allows you to make coffee for the whole family and your guests in one go.

High power:

its power of 1100 W guarantees its performance for each preparation.

Swivel filter holder:

this swivel filter holder is easy to remove and clean.

Neat design:

this device is space-saving and elegant, thanks to its compactness and well-designed size.

How to use a coffee maker?

The traditional preparation of coffee was done under various conditions. Nowadays, it is more convenient to use an electric coffee maker. There are thousands of models, but the principle remains the same. There may be steps you need to know when using your machine.

Choose your coffee

This is certainly the first step in all preparations. Coffee can vary according to its consistency, its country of origin, or its method of manufacture. Even if it is contained in an airtight box, you can smell it by gently passing it under your nose.

Use the machine filter

It is always better to use the accessory of the coffee maker. All you have to do is pour in the dose of coffee you need, add hot water and you’re done. Using this gadget will give you a better taste and a more flavorful aroma. As with the Bosch TKA6033, its filter system offers a swivel function that facilitates its use and its washing.

Check the water temperature

Hot water is added by simply pouring it into a specific receptacle. Other than coffee. You should check its warmth. It should not be cold, lukewarm, or boiling. Note that the infusion is done at a temperature of 90 to 95 ° C, below that of boiling.

Go for the right dose

You could measure the amount of coffee using a pod included in the machine as well as a scale displayed on the reservoir. This value will however depend on the number of cups you want to serve.

Turn on your coffee maker

You should put it near an electrical outlet without having to move it each time. If your device does not have an automatic start system, all you need to do is press the Power button. Usually, it remains very visible. If there is no indication, it is usually red in color, not hard to find.

Wait patiently

Preparation may take a while depending on your machine. It is best to wait until your coffee has completely brewed before removing the cup and serving it. Do not open the containers openly because of impatience. This could cause a loss of flavor or even a malfunction of the system. What you need in this case is the Krups YY1540FD Nespresso Essenza which has an automatic shut-off system.

Adjust the flow

On some machines, it is possible to adjust the flow of liquid coffee to the cup. It is not a question here of eruption like the taps, but simply by drops. You just have to activate a mechanism, a button for others, and look closely in the cup or the coffee maker, the increase or the decrease of its flow.

Don’t forget the filter

If you prefer the use of paper filters, have the reflex to remove it after each use. Forgetting it in the machine could alter the taste for the next use of the material. Indeed, this could cause the formation of limescale or other unpleasant substances which could harm your health or the appliance.

Clean your machine

After its use, the final step is cleaning. Pour water into the tank and turn on the machine. You can also remove the filter and wash it outside. This will allow you to retain the taste of your coffee. In the case of the Philips HD7546 / 20, its interior is easy to disassemble and is dishwasher safe.

Most popular brands

Two in three people drink coffee, for a total of about 2.5 billion cups consumed per day on the planet. They would drink several times at home, but also outside in a cafe or bistro that they are used to frequenting. These “addicts” must then have their own coffee maker in order to satisfy their desires and that of the other members of the “community” who come to visit them. This brings us to this article on some top brands.

The 110-year-old German brand supplies households with kettles, coffee machines, and other small appliances. There are also consumables such as filters, vacuum cleaner bags, and degreasers.

The family business is expanding its activities worldwide today and each time adds a touch of novelty to its products in order to better sell them such as the isothermal function, the timer, or the aroma selector.

Your coffee will be kept hot much longer in its high-tech references. The brand also offers products that start automatically. All you need to do is establish a daily schedule.

We no longer even count the coffee machines launched by the brand since 1846, from the simple electric filter coffee maker to the espresso machine, to capsule versions. Each category includes at least ten references constituting a nice little collection for the brand. And it’s not just that. It also counts among its range of toasters, processors, mixers, and many other household appliances useful in a kitchen.

Krups is also known for the intelligent programs and practical functions available in its machines (automatic function, programmable, anti-drip system) as well as the reliability of its materials of manufacture (BPA-free glass carafe).

Most people know Philips for its screens and lighting systems. Others like it for its razors and epilators, as well as it’s baby items. Either way, the areas of activity and the product line of this large company seem visibly expanded.

Philips is also investing in the kitchen and in particular with its coffee makers. Moreover, the brand is at the origin of the famous Senseo or coffee pod machine which revolutionized the preparation of this drink. As an example of references, we have the HD7546 / 20, the HD7459 / 23, the HD7892 / 01, the HD7461 / 03, and so many others that we would fill one or more whole sheets if we listed them all to you. The ultra-compact Philips HD7546 / 20 not only goes unnoticed in the kitchen but makes cleaning easy with its removable filter holder that can be machine cleaned.

Bosch doesn’t just do tools. The brand also equips kitchens with household products and in particular coffee makers. Among its many references, you might very well find the one you need.

You just need to clearly define your needs between opting for a machine that turns off by itself after use and at the time you decide, or an item that will take up very little space on your worktop, or an insulated coffee maker. that will keep your coffee hot for a long time. In short, all this is to tell you that there is no shortage of choice in terms of models.

Principio, Subito, Easy… are just a few examples taken from the brand’s huge collection of coffee machines. Coffee is not his only field of activity. The brand manufactures many other household appliances such as the blender, or the juicer, and this for years.

Consumers especially appreciate this touch of innovation in each of its references in order to minimize the time and effort spent in the kitchen preparing the meal. Moulinex supplies the general public with coffee makers, but also with jugs, capacities, but also functions, and options specific to each model.

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