10 Best Sunrise Alarm Clock Consumer Reports 2022

All you need to wake up early in the morning!

Be right up there! No need to fear your boss and principal and surely there’s nothing to be afraid of when these best sunrise alarm clocks will be waking you up on time. The sound from the clock is added up with a light, which according to many doctors is quite useful in waking you up.

These best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers are supreme. The traditional or mobile alarms and clocks are a source of distraction that doesn’t let you enjoy your sleep through their extreme loudness and snooze adjustability. The best sunrise alarm clock wakes you up and with that it lets you enjoy your sleep and rather be more active and productive.

Top 10 Best Sunrise Alarm Clock 2020

Show the world what you are? And what you can do? Purchase the best sunrise alarm clocks mentioned above in the list and drop them off to sleep.

1. Wake Up Light, TITIROBA Sunrise Simulation Dual Alarms Clock

TITIROBA Wake Up Light, Sunrise...
  • 【Sunrise Alarm Clock with Snooze Function】The...
  • 【Sleep Aid Feature Alarm Clock】 8 different...
  • 【FM Radio Clock & 7 Nature Sounds】7 natural...
  • 【Dual Alarm Clock Feature〗Considering there...

The Titiroba’s sunrise Dual alarm clocks are a perfect replacement for your conventional alarm clocks The best sunrise alarm clock by Titiroba is well fitted to wake you up at the time you want to and even let you be more energized and active.

This is the bedside lamp that emulates the sunset view and light for around 10 to 120 minutes with the help of more than two natural sounds. Moreover, the FM radio is also there to let you have ease and relaxation throughout your sleeping period. Additionally, the Dual alarm function is useful for couples letting them wake up simultaneously.

The 2 alarm settings authorize you in configuring alarm settings and even set different routines during weekdays and weekends. With that, you can even extend the alarm by 9 minutes for around 5 times by just tapping this best sunrise alarm clock. 

The AC power supply is the only way to let it operate through the built-in battery that can just assist when there’s a power shortage.

  • The USB port can let you charge your mobile phones
  • Let you wake up through different light levels
  • Very well built
  • Perfect sound system for waking you up
  • It isn’t that effective with smartphone apps

2. TITIROBA Wake-Up Light, Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

TITIROBA Wake-Up Light, Sunrise...
  • 【BEST WAY TO WAKE UP】Instead of those sounding...

Yes! It is true. Waking up early in the morning is extremely tough and that’s something everyone has been through. The traditional alarm clocks are now overtaken by sunrise alarm clocks that use their super-developed features to wake you up.

The sunrise alarm clock illuminates the room and the inbuilt 5 natural sounds of different contrast make it simple for you to get out of the sleepiness with the complete energy you need to carry on for your work.

Different sounds and lights provoke you, children, to be quick and wake up instantly, and you won’t have to shout as well, so relax and go ahead with the purchase of the Titiroba wake-up light alarm clock.

  • Very simple to use
  • Prepares you for getting up by adjusting lightning levels from even before the actual time
  • Natural sounds make it even more simple to keep the sleep aside
  • When the clock gets unplugged, you have to reset the time

3. HikVision Sunrise Alarm Clock

Heimvision’s alarm clock is involved in Amazon’s choice. Hikvision’s alarm clock is supplied with voice control, by just giving a voice command to control the alarm clock.

The sunrise and sunset imagery formation through the use of lights throughout the room is just like unfolding the curtains early morning. Moreover, the different sounds and FM radio are well set to wake you up without any physical intervention of any other person.

With these features, the snoozing capability authorizes you to extend your sleeping time by 15 minutes by just pressing the snooze button on the top. The light, the sound, and every other feature are just awesome to let you feel the new day full of vibrance, vivacity, and vitality.

  • The lamp works with Alexa
  • Makes it very easy to rise from sleep
  • Perfect for a bedside table
  • No option to disable sound and wake up through the brightness of light only

4. Philips SmartSleep HF3500/60 Wake-Up Light

Philips Wake-up Light, Sunrise...
  • YOUR OWN PERSONAL SUNRISE: Choose from 10...
  • NATURAL WAKE-UP: Simulated sunrise combined with...
  • SMART FEATURES: Tap to snooze and bedside lamp
  • MOOD AND ENERGY: Proven to give you an easy and...

Phillips is best known among leading brands for lighting and alarm clocks. People tend to trust Philips as it excels in manufacturing high-quality, heavy-duty, and hard-wearing alarm clocks.  

No assembly is required and simply required to plug it in to let it work. From around half an hour before, the light starts to widen and gets that much brighter than it covers the considerable amount of room, consequently forcing you to leave your bed.

Moreover, if you want a 9 min extended sleep then you can just tap the alarm clock, therefore making it one of the best sunrise alarm clocks. The sound amplifies as the time passes and as the sunrise simulation is up to the end the beep sounds to make sure that you are up or not.

The Phillips is already highly famous; the product’s description is more than enough for your satisfaction. It will be a feast to buy this sleek designed sunrise alarm clock.

  • Functions adequately as mentioned
  • Let you adjust light levels
  • Makes you feel energized
  • Too light and can easily be knocked over as per client

5. hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock...
  • Wake Up Sunrise Alarm Clock - This alarm clock...
  • Modern Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers - Gradually...
  • Decorative LED Color Options - With 8 colorful...
  • Nature Sounds and FM Radio - Scroll through...

The sound is not the only way to wake you up. Waking up through the means of light is somewhat smoother and energizing. Humans are created supernaturally by God and He has induced in them such senses and qualities that a man can even feel the light while he is sleeping. 

Homelab’s alarm clock automatically turns on its white LED light that gradually and slowly brightens up and eventually leads you to wake up. The buttons on the alarm clock are the only way to set the alarm. using the alarm tone button allows you to set the sound you want to wake up with and can even set AM or FM radio.

This best sunrise alarm clock is available in different colors to mimic the sunlight.

Moreover, you can even sleep for 5 minutes more by simply hitting the snooze button available on the alarm clock. Purchasing a Homelab product will surely be beneficial.

  • Soothing alarm sounds
  • Superb lighting options
  • Easy to set time
  • Easy snooze option
  • No daylight saving shortcuts available
  • Take time to get used to it

6. Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60 Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock

Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light,...
  • SMART FEATURES: FM radio, tap snooze, bedside...
  • MOOD AND ENERGY: Proven to give you an easy and...
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN*: Philips wake-up lights are...

A Philip smart sleep alarm clock is somewhat you should have if you have to wake up on time with freshness and energy. Just similar to other best sunrise alarm clocks this Philips alarm clock mimics sunrise to push you out of your bed. 

The clock is developed with clinical sleep and Respironics healthcare and the most important is that the Phillips holds 100+ years of expertise so they surely can’t compromise on their quality. Apart from that, the alarm clock lets you choose from 5 sounds and can hear the radio when free. 

For snooze activation just tap the alarm clock and yes, one more thing that I must bring to your notice is that the Philips alarm clock is scientifically proven that wakes you up in a natural way with complete liveliness and freshness.

  • It looks fine
  • Sticky rubber prevents it from sliding
  • Bright simulation, enough to wake you up
  • Poor controls
  • So sd card slot for your music

7. Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light, Smart WiFi Sunset Simulation Digital LED Clock

Another sunrise alarm clock offers you a variety of controls to get benefitted through the sunrise alarm clock. The wifi connectivity, mobile app controls, and wake-up light let you choose from wake-up themes, light intensity, and alarm sounds. 

Moreover, the Amazon Alexa and google assistant would let you control the clock through voice commands. Additionally, the sunlight simulation light starts working under an hour before the set time forcing you to get off your bed and get ready for the day ahead.

You can even adjust the LED display according to day and night timings. So get ready to purchase Amtok’s best sunrise alarm clock.

  • Multiple features for you to control the clock
  • Different and contrasting light levels
  • Perfect sound options
  • Using the app allows us to use the clock with dexterity
  • Stiff buttons
  • It isn’t a quality product as per a client

8. LittleHippo Mella Ready to rising Children’s Trainer, Alarm Clock

LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise...

It is quite tough to separate your children from their beds. The Mella alarm clock makes it super easy for you to prepare your children for school. 

A well-designed beautiful clock for children is coupled with interesting features and utilization.  To let your children sleep, choose an optional light so that they sleep with ease and the Mella too joins your kid throughout the night.

Just an hour before the Mella displays a yellow light with a playful expression letting them go on with and drive the slumber away. And when the light turns green, it will be the time when your kid will leave the bed.

So, Mella is a perfect choice that will drive away your tension regarding when will your kid wake up.

  • Acts similar to as a sleep trainer
  • Lovely design
  • Awesome nap feature
  • Easy to program
  • It is too bright

9. Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation

The Wake-up light is a natural way to wake you up. Enjoy the sunrise with the curtains shut. Your mother or family members won’t be shouting and spitting out “wake up bastard”.  

Place this alarm clock at your bedside and alter the light intensity for whichever task you want to perform. Moreover, the Bluetooth option lets you listen to any music or the latest podcast. That’s not it, the alarm clock has a USB port as well, hence allowing you to charge your phones or any other USB rechargeable devices.

It is highly modified and designed in a modern way keeping in mind the controls and features, inevitable, and most desired by the users. It is built with user-friendly features to provide comfort and let you sleep without any distractions.

And one more thing, the alarm clock is just as useful for the kids as the alarm clock is induced with a variety of sounds and lights that makes it perfect for the babies and the kids to sleep with comfort.

  • Produce refreshing sunlight simulation
  • Easy to set up
  • USB port for charging
  • Has over 30 years of experience
  • The built-in sound is not incredible
  • Time display can’t be turned off

10. LATME-Sunrise-Alarm-Clock-Wake-Up-Light

Are you a heavy sleeper? Is it hard for you to get out of your bed? But! What to do?

Are you willing to get out of this situation so then you’ll have to spend approximately around 30 dollars?

This LATME sunrise alarm clock is known as the best sunrise alarm clock. Just like many others, the LATME’s sunrise alarm clock is perfectly suitable for producing sunrise texture throughout your room. With different alarm sounds, FM radios, and different light levels, go to bed and sleep with relaxation and when you wake up again, then be fully charged to pack some new things into your pockets for the day ahead.

Additionally, The LATME can be controlled through voice commands by the use of Alexa or through google assistance. Along with that, tap the snooze button to extend 8-15 minutes more for around 12 times and you can even set 4 different alarms at 4 different times of the same day. The alarm clock is even equipped with a USB port and contains a variety of colors and sounds to thrill you. 

So, it stands clear that choosing LATME’s best sunrise alarm clock would be a treat to have in your rooms. So go ahead with the purchase.

  • It is quite cheap
  • Provides several features at a low price
  • Easy to set up
  • The alarm is quite loud
  • Difficult to operate or run

Frequently Asked Questions

When buying the best sunrise alarm clock everyone surely is overcome by several questions and has raised them on different platforms and sites. It is a highly preferred way to go on with. Clearing all your doubts and getting satisfied is what you should aim for before going further ahead with the purchase.

Do sunrise alarm clocks work?

Everything in this world is brought into being for some particular purpose and so do these sunrise alarm clocks. According to the founder of sleep medicine, the sunrise alarm clock reaches deep inside the body’s biorhythms. So now it is obvious that the natural sunlight or any other light can perhaps prepare the person to wake up being completely energized, packed with charged fuel cells.

Is waking up by alarm bad for you?

So waking up through alarms can cause high blood pressure and even heart rates. It even adds to the stress level and tension so waking up through natural light is highly preferred.

Is a wake-up light worth it?

Light does play an important role. It can keep you awake all night if your room’s light is switched on throughout the night. Even the light through devices like mobile phones and computers is distracting. So waking up with light does matter as waking up in a brightened room is much easier and healthier rather than waking up in a dark room.

Is it better to wake up naturally or with an alarm?

It is better to raise from the bed naturally as natural risers feel much more comforted and enthusiastic throughout the day.

Should you get out of bed as soon as you wake up?

As soon as you get up, you should leave your bed to strengthen your mental health and situation.

Is it better to hit snooze or get up?

It relies upon how much sleep was required by you to put aside the tiredness and weariness. But to be honest, hitting the snooze button just delays the wake-up time and it won’t be of help because extending some time won’t put aside your fatigue and tiredness.

Why is getting too much sleep bad for you?

Having too much sleep increases the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and strokes and you know that these can be deadly dangerous. So sleeping for around 8 hours a day is more than enough.


Getting into each and everything and knowing about that product is useful to a great extent and it is the right to discover products features and specifications as everyone wants to have an excellent product in their hands at lower rates.

My best pick is Philips SmartSleep HF3500/60 Wake-Up Light. You must know why this is the best pick. The Phillips is no doubt expensive but it supplies hard-wearing products that work extremely best and is well-powered. So in my opinion, going with the most trusted company is the best way to go.

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