Best Kitchen Sinks Consumer Reports 2022

Your kitchen sink can be appealing and fun to look at. It can lighten up your kitchen space and be the highlight of your entire kitchen. There are so many traditional conceptions about sinks. So many people prefer to see sinks as mere kitchen gadgets made from basic materials such as aluminum or ceramic material while so many believe the design and materials of kitchen sink could be prettier.

No matter what your conception about kitchen sink is, shopping for a quality sink is a different thing to do. Even though you may know the material of the kitchen sink you are looking for, shopping for the right quality of sink might not be as easy as you think.

To help you make the right kitchen sink choice, we have researched deeply about high-quality sinks and we bring to you the best eight kitchen sinks that would give a hundred percent value for your money. We have put into consideration the customers’ feedback on each of the sinks, the quality of the materials and the aesthetic features of these sinks in our bid to bring you the best eight kitchen sinks currently leading today’s market.

Top 8 Kitchen Sinks

Kraus KHU100-30 Kitchen Sink

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Overall Rate: 9.9

This sink is made from extra rough stainless steel with anti-rust and anti-corrosive technology that all attest to the fact that our number one pick is highly durable. The stainless steel materials used in crafting this durable masterpiece is 1.5mm thick and blessed with TRU16 dent-resistant construction. This means that no matter how heavy or rough you use it, it will remain scratch-free and dauntless and this isn’t a feature that is so common in the market today.

The thirty-inch wide sink comes with very unique and up-to-date technology inclined features such as a good drainage system that allows for the water to flow out almost as it comes in. The corners of the sink are crafted to not retain residue and dirt as they can be easily cleaned. You will also enjoy the noise reduction features. All of these comes at a retail price that is less than $250.

Talking about weight, it weighs just a little above twenty pounds, and it is a single compartment kitchen sink that would surely fit into any kitchen space. With the limited lifetime warranty, you have no choice than to enjoy its durable and unique features for a long time.


  • Excellent technology inclined features
  • Inexpensive
  • Impressive, durable materials and perfect finish


  • The falling item may dent its finish.

Zuhne Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

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Overall Rate: 9.7

This kitchen sink is surely one of the sleekest designs you can ever get in today market. It is crafted to be thirty-six inches of solid steel. Not only does this mean durability, the 1.5mm thickness of this anti-rust and scratch-resistant finish this sink has also meant that it can cater adequately for your daily use.

It comes with amazing features which include a sound suppression system that allows for quiet use. The curved apron design also ensures that water temperature also stays consistent. The thirty-six-inch width means that there is enough room to do all your washing. It is not just wide; it is also considerably deep. Being a single compartment kitchen sink, means that it can fit into any kitchen space without trouble. It is originally designed to cater to a single kitchen faucet but you can use it with a double kitchen faucet if you so wish.

We love that this kitchen sink comes with interesting accessories such as the 3.5-inch drain, three-piece stainless steel basket strainer, botum grid, cutout template, and mounting hardware. It is sturdy in design and with its forty-pound weight, it shows that it is also sturdy. You are set to enjoy a limited lifetime warranty of the iconic masterpiece, designed to leave your kitchen flawless. You will surely be amazed that this kitchen sink is being sold at a retail price of just $340. Isn’t this just amazing?


  • Amazing design
  • Thick stainless steel layout


  • Installation instruction may be quite difficult

Mayfair SW1 30-Inch Kitchen Sink

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Overall Rate: 9.65

You can restore a vintage class into your kitchen with this traditional kitchen sink. It can sit pretty in your kitchen space if you have thirty inches of space to spare. It is a fireclay kitchen sink you wouldn’t believe could be cheap. At less just $396.99 on Amazon, it is cheap. Most fireclay kitchen sinks are set to be close to a thousand dollars.

While it is arguable that fireclay sinks have their flaws, the Mayfair kitchen sink is here to erase all doubts. This masterpiece is crafted using the authentic slip casting technique that was hand made to ensure that it is sturdily durable as well as adopting recent technology such as quiet use features and easy draining features.

It is a single compartment kitchen sink that comes with a glazed finishing that is almost as scratch-resistant like any other high-quality stainless steel kitchen sink. The good news is that this fireclay kitchen sink is completely anti-rust resistant. Interestingly, the product is a premium 2019 product, meaning that you can be part of the very few to enjoy the traditional class of installing this fireclay kitchen sink.

You may, however, find this kitchen sink heavy at a weight of eighty-five pounds. Hence, ensure your kitchen structure is designed to sustain the weight before you buy. And since it is fireclay, it may be quite fragile in terms of having things fall harshly into it. save all these, you would enjoy this beautiful kitchen sink.


  • Vintage-styled
  • Sturdily designed


  • Quite heavy

Kraus KGD-433B 33-Inch Kitchen Sink

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Overall Rate: 9.4

If you are looking for a hundred percent eco-friendly kitchen sink that embraces natural materials in crafting out unique masterpiece sinks, then Kraus Kitchen sink is one of your best bet. It is crafted to provide you with the durability and sturdiness that is even unbeatable by stainless steel, porcelain or even fireclay. You tend to enjoy the natural feel and luxurious finished look of a sink that is carved out from natural quartz.

This unique kitchen sink is predrilled with just a single faucet sink but you can get to install double faucet using an extension pipe. The durability of the sink is not in question as this sink is virtually indestructible. It will not wear, scratch, get stained or rust as the natural quartz feel leaves it naturally resistant against almost all elements.

However, the 33-inch sink maybe somewhat shallow for most users as you may not have the room to do activities that may require a level of sink depth. In general weight, this amazing kitchen sink isn’t so heavy at thirty pounds and it can be mounted on any type of kitchen wall and design. The interesting thing is that this kitchen sink comes in double compartment and cost as low as three hundred dollars, making it one of our top five choices for kitchen sinks. Installation may, however, be difficult as the sink doesn’t come with some important component such as drains and so on.


  • Extremely durable
  • Luxuriously crafted


  • Basic Components not included

Ruvati Stainless Steel Low-Divide Kitchen Sink

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Overall Rate: 9.3

This is a 32-inch single compartment kitchen sink that is very versatile. It is crafted from a stainless steel material and designed to fit for a top-mount sink installation. Not only is the steal 16 gauge, but it is also T304 grade with a pinch of 18:10 nickel and chromium elements to ensure durability and resistant against corrosion.

We love the commercial-grade brushed satin finish of this particular kitchen sink that adds a flawless hint to the class and scratch-free feel the sink exhumes. The features also include a full and heavy-duty sound guard system that ensures a quiet washing experience; a sloped bottom with drain gloves that ensures adequate water draining and a deep interior dimensions that allow you access to a comfortable and deep sink interior to suit all purposes.

You won’t have trouble with the weight as it is just fifty pounds. Although, quite heavy for a stainless steel sink category but will still fit into most kitchen designs and structures. This lovely sink is also part of the amazing kitchen sinks that are under $350 as its retail prices are pegged at $199.99. You also will enjoy inclusive items such as bottom rinse grid, cutout template, basket strainer drain assembly and so on. With the limited lifetime warranty that this product offers, you should rest assured that your experience with this product will be nothing but amazing.


  • Within Budget
  • Excellent installation experience


  • Quite heavy

Moen G222133 2200 Series 22 Gauge Double Bowl Sink, Stainless Steel

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Overall Rate: 9.25

This kitchen sink remains one of the best deals of double compartment sink that is crafted out of stainless steel that you can get. We love that it is 33-inch wide and has s drop-in depth that is amazing but that is not all. This amazing kitchen sink also comes with an amazing 22 solid gauge. This is superb right?

Unlike most kitchen sinks that come in traditional single faucet hole, this sink comes with three pre-drilled holes for faucet and this means that you can have additional fancy kitchen faucet as you may desire to help in your kitchen activities.

This sink is also one of the cheapest on this list as it is just $110 in retail price on Amazon as well as other online retail outlets. Its price doesn’t mean it would lack basic features. It has an amazing ultrasound padding that helps to ensure quiet washing and the stainless steels comes with anti-rust features.

We also like the fact that the sink is very easy to install. The sink comes with installation items such as the mounting hardware which is designed to contain 1-1/8-inches thick counters. This will make U-Channel mounting easier. The sink package also comes with a step-by-step guide for installation.

The general weight of the sink is less than 15 pounds, making it ideal for any type of kitchen wall. You will also enjoy all of these with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure that the sink reassures you about its durability.


  • Lightweight stainless steel with a perfect finish
  • Easy to install and easy to clean


  • Not entirely scratch resistant

Dekor Sinks 50400 Westport Double Bowl Cast Acrylic Kitchen Sink

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Overall Rate: 8.0

This kitchen sink is made from acrylic and it is the only acrylic kitchen sink that made it to this top kitchen sink list. This is because it is made from top materials that sum up to ensure that it is durable enough with features that can compete with the top stainless steel and quartz kitchen sink on this category.

It is a 33-inch wide kitchen sink that has a drop-in depth of more than nine inches. This makes it very adequate for any kitchen activity. It also has four pre-drilled faucet holes to cater adequately for the double compartment in which the sink is designed with. Although it comes in just white color, the sink is highly stained resistant, dust and rust-resistant. Hence, no matter how stain-prone your kitchen is, it is never going to get to this awesomely designed acrylic sink.

Since it is made of acrylic, the sink is very lightweight and suitable for installation in any type of kitchen. The design embraces modern aesthetics as well as technology such as quiet-washing features and scratch-resistant features. It is quite affordable as it is just about $138. There is no expressly stated warranty option which reflects rather poorly on the product. Regardless, however, the product is one of the newest and highly functional kitchens sinks you will currently find in the market.


  • Lightweight and enough faucet predrilled holes
  • Affordable


  • No warranty stated

Elkay ELUH272010RDBG Sink Stainless Steel

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Overall Rate: 7.9

The only reason why Elkay sink is staying at the bottom of our top eight best kitchen sink is that it is the most expensive and other top seven sinkscan pretty much offer most of what it offers. However, that doesn’t take away the class and features that come with this kitchen sink.

It is a 28-inch wide kitchen sink and that comes with a double compartment that is crafted from solid steel. It also comes with amazing features as it is resistant to rust, stain, scratches and it also comes with a quiet-wash functionality that ensures water splattering sound remains as mild as possible. It comes with a good drainage system.

It is one of the newest 2019 kitchen sinks that are very promising and that people would get to appreciate. For almost $670? Well, it is a bit on the high side but a look at cut and shape would signify that the kitchen sink was designed to cater for specific kitchen space. Hence, if your kitchen is built with this uncommon kitchen sink shape, then this sink might just be your best bet.


  • Edgy design
  • Recently launched and uncommon


  • Expensive

Things to Consider While Buying Kitchen Sink: Quick Guide

Since we have gone through the great length in bringing to you the best of kitchen sinks, it will be nice if we could share some of the tips that helped us in selecting out top eight kitchen sinks. There are five essential things to consider, which would serve as a guide when buying yourself a kitchen sink. They include:

1. Durability

Durability sounds like something we all have heard repeatedly but not so many people understand why durability is important. Today’s market has a lot of aluminum sinks floating around but there is a standard thickness an aluminum sink must have before it can stand the test of time and be considered durable. You cannot just settle for materials basically because you think they are durable. You need to do further research to ensure that you reassure yourself about the durability of the kitchen sink of your choice.

2. Size

There are beautiful sink designs in amazing and enormous sizes that might not be functional in your kitchen because of space. You need to know the space of your kitchen to determine the size of the sink that might fit. Buying a double compartment sink for a space that can only fit one might be a waste of money at the end of the day.

While double compartment sinks might come in regular sizes that might not be so much of a problem when you are picking them for a spacious kitchen big enough to accommodate them, single compartment sinks often come in different sizes. Hence, be aware of the amount of space you have in your kitchen before you make a purchase.

3. Price

Always have a budget before you venture into buying sinks. Without a budget and without having in mind the things you want in a sink, you might end up paying more for a sink which you really cannot afford. Do not fall for exquisite designs and beautiful looks as the major thing that matters are the functionality and durability, not how expensive a sink is.

Don’t be carried away by some featured discount or the ‘buying on credit’ option that may be enticing, stay within budget and you will just be amazed about the amazing options that you have within your budget.

4. Features

Features are the major reasons why a kitchen sink may be quite expensive. Kitchen sink comes in different features that have adopted modern technology. Some of them are crafted with noise reduction technology that allows you to use them more quietly and reduce water splattering noises. Others come with double kitchen faucets with spray nozzles that can make washing even easier. Most sinks now have amazing draining technology that allows for water to drain off the sink even faster.

5. Design

Kitchen sinks are quite traditional in design. It is either they come as single compartment kitchen sinks or double. You may also see a triple compartment sink and so on but they might not be designed for your home’s kitchen. Understanding how these design can fit into the space of your kitchen requires more logic as you can determine this using the picture you see of these sinks as well as the dimension attached to them online.

These sinks are also designed in different materials ranging from porcelain, marbles, aluminum, stainless steels and so many more. Each of these materials has its unique features and shortcomings.

Best Eight Kitchen Sink Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do all sinks come with installation tools?

A: While it is good to settle for sinks that come with installation tools and materials, not all sinks come with these and that doesn’t mean they are poor quality

Q: How wide should kitchen sink be?

A: Sinks are best gotten to fit the space in your kitchen. Hence, your kitchen would determine the size of the kitchen sink you should get. However, to adequately carry out its functions, a sink shouldn’t be less than 25 inches wide and at least six inches deep.

Q:What is the right gauge for a stainless steel kitchen sink?

A: The perfect gauge is 18 because the lower the gauge is, the thicker and sturdy the stainless steel will be. This means 18 gauge sinks are better than 20 and 22 counterparts.

Concluding Verdict

The function of a single compartment and a double compartment sinks are not so different. The essence of their functionality will depend largely on the space you want to install them. However, our top pick in our best eight kitchen sinks remains the Kraus KHU100-30 Kitchen Sink. The shape is right, the price is right and the functionality is perfect. Thankfully the Kraus sink brand is known for excellence and you basically can do no wrong choosing their sinks.

Our last pick is the Elkay ELUH272010RDBG Sink Stainless Steel which is excellently perfect save the fact that it is the most expensive of all and it caters with kitchen spaces of certain shapes. Overall you absolutely will have no regret picking from our carefully selected best eight kitchen sinks. Durability, functionality and aesthetic excellence are certainly constant in all of our choices.

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