Best Infrared Heating Pad Consumer Reports 2022

Muscles that tighten a little too much? One of the models featured below just might be the perfect heating pad to relieve your back and neck pain. To help you find that rare pearl, here is a comparison with a test and review of the most practical and effective heating pads. Indeed, with the multitude of cushions that are now available on the market, it is important to be careful about the criteria that they offer.

Indeed, to relieve muscle pain in the neck, back, or shoulders, nothing more effective and pleasant than a heating pad. Simply place it on the painful area for it to release the tension in your muscles while providing a wonderful feeling of well-being.

Reviews of The Best Infrared Heating Pad

1) Beurer HK 25 Basic heating pad

For a basic, low-cost heating pad, the Beurer HK 25 does a great job. It is 40cm long and 30cm wide, which is enough to treat painful areas on your neck or back. The power of the hot water bottle is 100 Watts.

Practical, the cushion has three heating powers that you can easily adjust according to your needs. The electronic regulation mechanism is reliable and precise. The cushion is also equipped with a BSS® overheating safety system which protects against the risk of burns. So don’t expect the pillow to be hot. If you are used to very high temperatures to relieve your muscle pain, this product may not satisfy you.

This Basic heating pad from the Beurer brand is no less interesting. It stops automatically after 1.5 hours of use. Also for protection, it is equipped with a plastic cover that protects the heating element of the hot water bottle. You can clean it very easily with a sponge. Everything is wrapped in a removable and machine washable liner cover. Made of cotton, it makes the cushion soft and pleasant in contact with the skin.

The price-performance ratio is really excellent. For such an affordable price, the functionalities of this Beurer heating pad are indeed very respectable despite a few small caveats. Especially since we are dealing with a durable product, with a 3-year warranty.

Some best of this product:

  • Best price
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • 3 temperature levels
  • Textile conforming to the Öko-Tex Standard

Some drawbacks:

  • Fairly low temperature level
  • Thin cushion

2) Beurer HK Comfort Microfiber Fleece Heating Pad

Still from the Beurer brand, this heating pad stands out with its fleece microfiber cover. It is a material that is both flexible, breathable, and above all very comfortable for the skin. Like the Basic model, the power of the device is 100 Watts. The Beurer HK Comfort also has three temperature levels which are regulated by a very precise electronic system. And as the heating time is very fast, its benefits will not belong in coming.

Like the Basic heating pad from Beurer, the HK Comfort also comes with the BSS safety system. The product is therefore protected against any risk of overheating. The problem is that this option prevents the cushion from reaching extreme temperatures. However, some people don’t like it when their hot water bottle is not really hot. If this is the case too, then this heating pad may not entirely meet your expectations.

The size of the cushion is 44 cm long and 33 cm wide. Its quilted design is really pretty. As the cushion is quite thin, it looked like an electric blanket. The set is very light: you can place the cushion on your stomach for hours without feeling the slightest discomfort. In case you do fall asleep with the hot water bottle, you will have nothing to worry about, as the HK Comfort automatically stops working after 90 minutes of use.

Some best of this product:

  • Fleece microfiber cover
  • 3 temperature levels
  • Textile conforming to the Öko-Tex Standard
  • 3 year warranty

TheSome drawbacks:

  • Low level of heating

3) Naipo Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heating Function

Here is a two-in-one cushion that will fill you with joy! Not only are we dealing with a heating pad, but it is also a massage pad. The product is indeed equipped with 4 massage heads which provide a most relaxing Shiatsu massage, perfectly imitating human fingers. This function is really effective in relaxing and relieving the muscles, as the direction of the message automatically changes every minute.

At the same time, this Naipo cushion is equipped with an infrared heating system, perfect for complementing the effects of Shiatsu massage by relaxing the muscles and promoting blood circulation. The feeling of well-being is accentuated by the velvet cover which is really soft against the skin.

The cushion has an ergonomic shape which makes it even more practical. You can indeed use it to massage and heat your neck, but also your back, your abdomen, your thighs, your calves … You can also use it at home, at your office, or in your car, during traffic jams. The cushion is also delivered with an auto adapter.

For your safety, this shiatsu massage cushion with a heating function from Naipo is equipped with an overheating protection system. It also has an automatic shut-off function which is activated after 20 minutes of intensive massage. Regarding the user manual, there is only one button to turn on the device, but also to activate/deactivate the massage and heating functions.

On the downside, some users find the cushion a bit bulky. Others find the massage sessions sometimes painful because the balls of the cushion are a bit stiff. The durability of the product also leaves something to be desired.

Some best of this product:

  • 2 in 1 cushion
  • Massage and heating function
  • Automatic shut-off after 20 min of massage
  • Car adapter supplied

Some drawbacks:

  • Bulky
  • Too rigid massage heads
  • Too short lifespan

The benefits of the heating pad

As the name suggests, the heating pad is an accessory that generates heat to relieve muscle pain. This is called heat therapy, a form of heat treatment. The latter is really very effective in relaxing muscles and soothing painful sensations. It is enough to put the cushion on the tense area for a few minutes or a few hours for the pain to disappear.

Heat therapy is the treatment of pain by using heat to improve blood circulation and release tension. It also helps eliminate toxins, as well as boost the transport of oxygen and nutrients. Note that the shape of the heating pad has been specially designed to soothe pain in the neck, shoulders, back, or shoulder blades. This accessory will also delight people who suffer from fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, blood pressure, or sports pain.

What are the different types?

There are three kinds of heating pads: we have electric heating pads, microwave heating pads, and chemical heating pads.

Electric heating pad

This type of heating pad works with an electrical outlet or a battery. It is usually possible to adjust the temperature level or even the operating time of the cushion. You will be able to adapt the heat according to your preferences or the pain to be treated. As a safety measure, the electric heating pads are equipped with an automatic shut-off function after 30 min to one hour of operation.

Microwaveable pillow

This category appears a priori as a simple cushion. However, it is characterized by special padding: the cushion is indeed padded with organic wheat which is able to retain heat durably. This type of heating pad is very easy to use. Just be careful not to burn yourself when removing the hot pad from the microwave.

Chemical heating pad

Not very widespread, this type of cushion is not widely used. This is because its operating principle is somewhat atypical: the accessory indeed contains a chemical substance that heats upon contact with air or skin. Its use is a bit complex due to the sometimes unexpected chemical reactions. The fact that it contains chemical materials also makes it a dangerous accessory in the event that the materials in question should escape from the cushion.

Tips for making the right choice

The efficiency of the heating pad is such that many manufacturers today offer products that are both practical and efficient. There is therefore a wide choice available to you, but you should not choose at random. You will only be able to truly reap the benefits of your heating pad if you choose one that truly suits your needs.

What type of heating pad?

If you are looking for a functional product, with the possibility of adjusting the heating temperature, the electric cushion is what you need. Be aware, however, that most electric models incorporate an overheating protection system that prevents them from reaching really hot temperatures. If this is what you are looking for, your best bet is to opt for a microwave-heated pad. You can heat it to maximum temperature to quickly relieve your muscle pain.

Check features

Electric heating pads are more functional, as you can adjust the heating temperature. The automatic shut-off option also protects you against possible risks, should you fall asleep with the pillow under your neck or on your stomach. In addition, this type of cushion is made to a very strict safety standard.

Simple and practical use

To be able to relieve your pain quickly, opt for a cushion whose use is very simple and fast. Also, prefer models with a fast heating time. For an even more practical cushion, it is better to opt for a versatile model that you can use on all parts of your body: neck, shoulders, back, shoulder blade … On the other hand, if you plan to use the heating pad to treat specific pain, the best is to choose a model especially dedicated to the area of ​​the body you plan to treat.

What about comfort?

Generally, electric heating cushions are rather flat and little padded: this type of cushion is often light and does not interfere when placed for a long time on the stomach, shoulders, or neck. But there are also padded heating pads. Often, these are the models to be heated in microwaves or even those that include the “message” function. Note that this type of heating pad is especially suitable for relieving the lower back or the legs.

Easy to maintain

As a treatment accessory, the heating pad should always be well maintained. To avoid this becoming a chore, your best bet is to choose a model that is easy to wash. Microwave-heated pillows are generally the easiest models to maintain. Some electric models, however, have a removable cover that you can machine wash. Others are wrapped in a plastic cover that can be cleaned with a simple wipe of a sponge.

A strong and durable product

Whether for long or short-term use, it is always better to buy a quality heating pad. Take the time to learn about the strength and robustness of the model before buying it. It should be noted that really durable cushions are a bit more expensive, given that they fall into the premium category. Finally, when choosing, always check the length of the product warranty.

What is your budget?

The price of heating cushions varies according to the type of cushion, the brand, but also according to the nature of the materials used (cotton cover, organic wheat padding, etc.), and without forgetting the functionalities. For example, a basic model will not cost the same as a more functional model, or even two in one. Note that you can acquire an electric heating pad for 30$. Heating and chemical models generally cost around twenty euros. Count up to 50 euros for the two-in-one cushions, with massage function.

Advice and precaution for use

Although it is generally very easy to use, the heating pad should not be used just randomly. In particular, you should avoid getting it on your skin if you have recently applied a treatment cream or oil. Also, make sure that the cushion is always clean when you use it. Then, even if it does you the most good, the time of use of the cushion should be limited: one-hour maximum. Finally, it must be positioned well on the area to be relieved so that its benefits are really optimal.

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