Top #10 Best Electric Kettles Consumer Reports 2022

Around the globe, there are thousands of people who not only start their day with a mug of coffee but end it too with coffee. Truly a mug of coffee takes all your worries off and relaxes you whether you are worried about the work burden or studies a cup of coffee energizes you.

And for this one needs an electric kettle with which one can have boiling water for coffee within no time. But the industry has an incredibly diverse variety of electric kettles. Now the question here raises, which will make the best choice. 

List of Best Electric Kettles

For your ease, we have reviewed different products of a variety of brands and come up with the top 10 best electric kettles of 2022. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin with the countdown.

1. Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck...
  • PRECISION POUR - Stagg EKG's sleek pointed spout...
  • TEMPERATURE MATTERS - Speed up your brewing...
  • BREW LIKE A PRO - A sleek LCD display screen...

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle owns a fantastic design and classy colour combination with notable features. For turning it on, there is a circular dial on the front of the kettle. Just press the dial, and the gadget will be started.

After touching the dial, the kettle starts to heat the water inside it. Wait for a few seconds, and the hotness of water will be perfect for using this in coffee. When you are satisfied with the hotness of the brew, touch the dial again to turn off everything. 

On the rear end, there are two switches. One is for choosing temperature, whether in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The other is for hold mode. This means that once you have adjusted the temperature of the water, it will be the same unless you change it. 

As for colours, Fellow comes up with different colours, and these colours also add up to the price of the kettle like white stainless steel, polished steel, and matte black models are of about $150 and that one with the shiny polished copper ranges to $170.

Moving towards the capacity of the kettle, its ability is 0.9 L. Though it is not that good but far better than many others. This is mainly preferred for pour-over coffee. As for the budget, this kettle is an excellent option to be selected.

  • Impressive look
  • Comfortable pour-over technology
  • Amazing build quality
  • 1-3 higher degrees variation in temperature as displayed on the kettle

2. Miroco Electric Kettle

The Miroco 1.5L Electric Kettle is one of the famous kettles with the capacity of holding roundabout six water cups with a fantastic boiling performance. The heating power capacity of the kettle is 1500 watt.

With this power, seven minutes are more than enough to prepare a cup of coffee or tea. For manufacturing the kettle, stainless steel is used for the best action. The stainless steel has a double layer that helps in covering the plastic from being melted due to the heat.

And also, this teal wall acts as a barrier between the water and plastic for avoiding contamination. The classy design of Miroco Electric Kettle placed on the kitchen shelf, adds up to the beauty of the kitchen.

 As for colours, if you love bright and bold colours, no need to hesitate. This electric kettle comes up with unique, beautiful colours like orange and many more. With the excellent features, it is truly a product to be invested money on.

  • Amazing design and performance
  • Boils water up to 1.5L
  • British Strix thermostat technology
  • Automatic shut off
  • Hectic to clean the kettle
  • Smaller in size

3. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Amazon Basics Stainless Steel...
  • Electric water kettle with 1.0-liter capacity and...
  • Cordless design allows for easy filling and...
  • Concealed heating element; BPA-free food-contact...
  • Automatic shutoff with boil-dry protection for...

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle is just not an electric kettle; there are no words to define the features of this kettle. With the spectacular water capacity of 1.0-litre, this kettle comes up with the power of 1500W.

The power it offers helps the water to boil within no time. The cordless design of the kettle adds up to the serving efficiency of the gadget. For better activity, there is a cable of length 30-inches placed at the base of the kettle. 

For safer use, the cable is wrapped up as a heating element and prevents you from the direct loss. As for taking care of hygiene, this kettle owns a stainless-steel and removable filter with BPA-free food-contact technology to clean the kettle with ease.

  • Amazing boiling
  • No alarming sounds
  • Exceptional storage space
  • Rusting issue
  • Lacks temperature adjustment

4. OXO BREW Glass Electric Kettle

OXO 8710300 Cordless Glass Electric...
  • Durable borosilicate glass provides thermal shock...
  • Illuminated LED power switch lights up when Kettle...
  • Kettle is cord-free when removed from the 360...
  • Perforated stainless steel filter strains water...

OXO is one of the known brands famous for making cold brew coffee because of the exceptional features including the display and performance with the adjustable temperature; it is considered one of the top-class utensils for the kitchen.

Concerning performance, it is easy to use as you do not need to worry about the temperature of the brew in the kettle. Press the button, then turn the knob to manage the temperature. After this again press the button to check that the kettle is on. 

Right after two minutes, the brew in the kettle is ready. One of the notable features of OXO is that the user does not need to manage the temperature every time. The gadget automatically heats the water same to the temperature selected before.

For handing the kettle, it owns a comfortable handle. The material used in the manufacturing of the kettle’s handle is spongy rubber of high quality with designed grooves. These grooves help the user to handle the kettle with care.

If the user demands to change the temperature reading from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice-versa, it is not a big deal. Place your hand on the dial-up section and rotate it. On the reading of your choice, push the button to confirm.

  • Built-in timer
  • Noticeable temperature control
  • Wonderful design
  • Rust issue with time

5. COSORI Electric Kettle

COSORI Electric Kettle for Boiling...
  • SUPERIOR MATERIALS--Your kettle is made with...
  • LARGER MOUTH--Your kettle is designed with a...
  • CONVENIENT & DETAILED--Specially design the...
  • MORE STYLISH--Say goodbye to boring old-fashioned...

COSORI is one of the famous brands in the market today that offers you some of the best features with outstanding performance. You will surely want to have one after reading its performance activity and characteristics. 

The excellent Borosilicate glass of the kettle lowers down the chances of scratches to almost zero and stainless steel used for the manufacturing of the kettle is of food-grade 304 that offers you 100% BPA Free quality. 

It means the brew inside the kettle will be free from any contamination. The water holding capacity of this electric kettle is 1.7L that is great. The exceptional thermostat and auto shut-off technology are the reasons due to which this product is in demand.

Because of the auto shut-off technology, after the water is boiled thoroughly, the kettle automatically powers off in about 20 seconds. This precaution is to make sure to avoid any incident due to the overheating of the electric kettle.

As for design, with the wide mouth and spout, one can pour the water quickly and also you can clean the kettle with no problem because with the large size spout the user can enter the scrub without any trouble.

  • Easy to clean
  • Fantastic heat retention and insulation with stainless steel
  • Auto shut-off safety
  • Boil-dry protection
  • Low durability of the lid
  • Sometimes complain of plastic smell

6. Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle

Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle,...
  • Powerful rapid boil system: This electric kettle...
  • Cord free serving: This hot water kettle is...
  • Automatic shutoff with boil dry protection: Auto...
  • Easy pour spout and removable mesh filter: The...

Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle is the right choice for you if you are looking for a kettle easy to use and unique in performance. With the fantastic display of every function, it can perform, even a layperson can use it well.

There are a variety of buttons for different brews like for hot cocoa, herbal tea, coffee, and many more. Don’t worry about how you will set the exact temperature because as a plus point this kettle automatically provides you with the right brew for you. 

With the beautiful design, the user can pick it up without any cord issue and pour it in the mug. The handle of the kettle is so flawless that it gives you ease to grip it on. As for performance, the water inside the kettle boils within five minutes. 

But you can manage to have the same temperature for about half an hour and the demand for having an instant mug of coffee with full cream and the yum taste is fulfilled. As for activity, there is a blue light that glows, which means the kettle is in the working process. 

As for taking safety and protection in an account, the kettle comes up with the automatic shut-off and boil-dry technology protection that truly adds up to the efficiency of the kettle.

  • Boils water within 3 minutes
  • Affordable rate
  • Cord-free serving option
  • Sometimes complain of leakage
  • Difficulty in cleaning because of a small spout

7. Mueller Premium Electric Kettle

Mueller Ultra Kettle: Model No....
  • MAXIMUM SAFETY - High quality thermostat...
  • FASTEST BOIL - Equipped with bright LED’s which...
  • VERSATILITY – Completely Cordless when off the...

Mueller Premium is a cordless electric kettle with a power of 1500W and water holding capacity of 1.8 L. With the long-lasting lid; this gadget can be used over years if handled with care. 

The handle is made with a heat-resistant anti-slip grip, which reduces the risk of getting hands burned while using it. A notable feature is the automatic shut-off mechanism of the kettle. This is activated right after the water is being boiled for 30 seconds. 

Regarding this, there are several safety options, including the boil-dry safety feature. This allows the kettle to turn off when there is no water inside the kettle. As for product manufacturing, this model is designed using copolyester for heat resistance and stainless steel.

There is an LED light at the base which lits up to show that water inside the kettle is boiling. Moving towards the versatility factor, the cordless base enables you to pour the liquid from the kettle without any difficulty.

  • Water boils in 8 minutes
  • Capacity of 1.8L
  • Base lacks any cord
  • Difficulty in cleaning
  • Small spout opening

8. Willow and Everett Gooseneck Electric Kettle

Gooseneck Electric Kettle with...
  • NEW “KEEP WARM” FUNCTION - This tea kettle has...

Willow and Everett Gooseneck Electric Kettle is the right choice for you if you are looking for a classy kettle with full elegance in performance. With the beautiful gooseneck spout and the wonderful finishing with stainless-steel, this gadget is of top-class quality.

The handle of the kettle is manufactured with BPA-free plastic with the fantastic design that helps you to pour the brew in the mug elegantly. As for the quality of the material used in the manufacturing of the kettle, 100% food-grade top quality stainless steel is used in this.

As for the lid of the utensil, it is spill-proof with an easily removable feature. But, to mention, the user has to put some effort into keeping the top off as it sometimes complains of lid jamming. With the 360-degree rotatable swivel base, one can take it from where he/she want to. 

Unlike other kettles, it is unable to maintain the water temperature for a long time. Also, it does not offer you a thermometer for checking the water temperature. But there is a handy automatic shut off with the kettle that is amazing in its performance.

  • Easy to clean
  • Sealed lids
  • Automatic shut off and boil-dry protection
  • Perfect for pour-over coffee
  • No adjustment for water temperature
  • A little bit expensive

9. Ovente KG83B Electric Kettle

Ovente Electric Kettle Hot Water...
  • Combining Style & Durability – Taking the #1...
  • For Those who Need it Fast– Need a quick sip of...
  • Eco-Friendly – This fast-heating boiler is...
  • Auto Shut Off – This one is equipped with auto...

The Ovente kettle is one of the strongest glass kettles for daily use in the kitchen. This kettle comes with significant safety measures like automatic shut-off, a locking lid and a cool-touch handle with the water holding capacity 1.5L that is suitable for a family. 

For power, the kettle owns 1100 watts and the functional capability of Ovente KG83B Electric Kettle is 85% faster as compared to those of general stovetop kettles. For taking care of hygiene, the kettle is designed with stainless steel to mask the heating element.

The kettle uses most of the high-borosilicate glass, which owns a unique feature that is stain resistant. This feature not only makes it easy to clean, but also the person can view whether the water is boiling or not.

For the safety measures, the kettle owns a cool-couch handle and bottom that allows you to serve the brew even if it is quite hot as the cool-couch bottom lowers the threat of the surface damage where the kettle is placed to zero.

  • Amazing water-holding capability
  • Low price
  • Durable manufacturing
  • Lower wattage for capacity
  • Glass breaks easily

10. HadinEEon Electric Kettle

HadinEEon glass water kettle is the only one of its design and quality. The brushed stainless steel and glass used in the manufacturing of the kettles make it one of the products that not only add up to the beauty of the kitchen but with their performance make the user proud.

If you are in a hurry, then it is the perfect match for you as this kettle makes the cup coffee ready in less than five minutes. For maintaining the hygiene quality, the material used in the manufacturing of the kettle is all BPA-Free. 

This amazing kettle is easy to clean due to its unique feature of being spill-resistant. Being a cordless kettle, it is easy to take anywhere you are working at. This kettle offers the user a warranty of 3 years, and money-back guarantee of one year, which is more than enough.

  • Water capacity of 1.5L
  • Maintains the temperature up to 12 hours
  • Sometimes complained of inconsistent temperatures
  • Handles get hot over time

Is an electric kettle a fire hazard?

No! As most of the kettles have their temperature maintenance quality, so there is quite no chance of a fire accident due to the electric kettle.

What is an electric kettle used for?

Most people working in offices or at places where they have no access to a stove, use an electric kettle to keep the water hot for a long time.

Can you put milk in an electric kettle?

Though the boiling points of water and milk are almost the same, milk overflows when reaching 212℉ temperature as it contains a high amount of calcium and protein. So, it is recommended not to use milk in the electric kettle.

Is an electric kettle safe?

Yes! Most of the electric kettles are designed taking into account the safety measure, including the automatic auto shut-off, heat-resistant handles, anti-slip, and adjustable temperature features that mark the use of electric kettles safe.

Are our electric glass kettles better than stainless steel?

Both are OK to use, but I prefer stainless steel because they are more durable and hold the water hotter than that of electric glass kettles. Also, the chances of breakage of stainless-steel electric kettles are almost zero.

Is it OK to leave water in an electric kettle?

No! it is strictly prohibited to leave a kettle with water inside it as it affects the hygiene of the water. So only boil the quantity of water you need at that time.

Do electric kettles turn off automatically?

Yes! All the electric kettles on the market are designed with the automatic shut-off feature that stops the water from heating when it has reached its boiling point.

Wrap up

To wrap up, each electric kettle owns a unique feature that makes it distinct from others. This feature can be the budget or display or even the performance. 

So, keep your demands in mind while looking for the best kettle for you because you will be confused with the brand products if you visit the market without the proper searching for the best kettle for you and end up in buying nothing.

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