10 Best Brake Pads Consumer Reports 2022

Brakes are an essential part of a vehicle. They are something without which a vehicle is useless. The quality and reliability of brakes define the probability of having a traffic accident which can lead to fatal consequences. 

Brakes are essential components of a vehicle that require good maintenance which in turn defines the quality of the brake pad’s professional brand. Brakes does not only provide us safety, but also account for the people around us who circulate at the same time. A small mishap in its working may cost lives.

In order to be certain about the reliability and safety of your brakes, it is necessary to search for different types of reviews on various brands. That includes taking into consideration the features and characteristics of a brake pad. 

Other than features and characteristics, a brake pad should be checked for its usability, whether it is suitable for regular or irregular use. The durability of brake pads says much about its resistance to any type of weather. 

Top 10 Best Brake Pads Consumer Guide

Therefore, if you need to have your brakes serviced or replaced, there is a huge variety of brands and materials in the market today to choose from. This article provides an insight about the best manufacturers present in the market that offer some of the best brake pads. 

Look through each one carefully keeping in mind your vehicle type and driving style. A detailed buying guide and frequently asked questions at the end might help you get your hands on the best of the best brake pads for your vehicle!

1. Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium...
  • Bosch dedicated engineering to platform specific...
  • Quiet operation with rubber core multilayer shim...
  • Advanced aerospace alloy used in patented copper...
  • Protective transfer layer extends pad and rotor...

Bosch is well-known for their premium quality brakes. They promise to make driving experience superior by making the braking system remarkable. These brake pads do not produce noise and dust which adds another layer of goodness to this brand.

Bosch BC905 is one of the best quality brake pads in the market today, hence sits on top of our list. They use multi-layer shims crafted out of rubber which aids in reduction of noise and ensures peaceful driving. This brake pad has a protective layer that aids in longevity and durability of the brake pad.  

All in all, this ceramic brake pad from the Bosch QuietCast Premium range also have other ground-breaking brake pads for different vehicles. They are also well-known for their durability, quiet operation, and low dust production.

  • High-end quality
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Doesn’t produce high sound
  • Doesn’t produce dust particles
  • Doesn’t rust or corrode
  • Fit can be improved

2. ACDelco Gold 17D1367CH Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set

ACDelco Gold 17D1367CH Ceramic...
  • Tested to SAE J2784 for braking effectiveness,...
  • Ceramic, semi-metallic, and organic formulas...
  • Integrally molded - friction material molded to...
  • Premium shims, slots, and chamfers help to...

ACDelco design brake pads that are durable and ensure safe braking experience. ACDelco Gold 17D1367CH are made from ceramic which means low sound production, low dust production, and improved longevity and durability. 

These braking pads have low metal composition which aids in improved braking power. These brake pads have superior bond integrity that ensures right mobility of the pad. Furthermore, these brake pads include premium-quality slots, chamfers, and shims.

All in all, ACDelco Gold 17D1367CH delivers what they promise and ensures a smooth and safe driving/braking experience. A little downside to these pads is that they are a little fit for some vehicles which is something this brand could work in the future to ensure the perfect fit.

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Ceramic brake pad
  • High-end bond value
  • Reasonable
  • Quiet operation
  • Low dust production
  • A little too tight for some vehicles

3. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1083 Ceramic Disc Pad Set

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1083 Ceramic...
  • QUIETER OPERATION -- Application-specific design...
  • LONG LIFE -- Superior formulation design...
  • CLEANER WHEELS -- Proprietary formulation provides...
  • ONE-PIECE DESIGN -- IMI technology integrates...

These brake pads from Wagner lie in the ceramic-type category of brake pads. Wagner QC1083 is a pair of front ceramic brake pads made with high quality material. They ensure outstanding driving experience with remarkable braking systems. 

Wagner QC1083 are engineered in such a way to ensure heat dissipation that in turns does not aid in wearing out of the brake pad. This assists in longevity and durability of brake pads. As these are ceramic brake pads, they produce little to no noise due to rubber core shim. 

Overall, these brake pads from the Wagner ThermoQuiet range are one of the best brake pads this brand has engineered. They are known for their remarkable quality of material and low sound operation.

  • Superior quality
  • Long-lasting
  • Low dust production
  • Quiet operation
  • Installation hardware included
  • A little too long for some vehicles
  • Few vibrations

4. Akebono ACT1118 Proact Ultra-Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

Akebono ACT1118 Proact Ultra...
  • Ultra-Premium Brakes
  • The Package Length of the Product is 16.51...
  • The Package Width of the Product is 9.398...
  • The Package Height of the Product is 8.382...

Akebono is a well-known brand when it comes to ceramic brake pads. These brake pads can prove to be a great choice for replacement brake pads. Akebono ACT1118 comes with a complete braking kit with 4 sets of front and rear brake pads. These brake pads are vehicle-optimized that improves pad wear performance.

Since these are ceramic brake pads they guarantee quiet operation and smooth braking experience. These brake pads are crafted out of materials that reduce noise and dust production. Akebono ACT1118 can serve to be a remarkable set of replaceable brake pads due to their efficient design and perfect fit. 

Altogether, Akebono ACT1118 has an awesome stopping power in comparison with other ceramic brake pads on the market. However, they squeal a bit in colder weather which is acceptable as the squeal is only short-lived.

  • Ensures longevity due to minimize wear
  • Spontaneous braking
  • Low dust production and quiet operation
  • Ensures safe and smooth braking
  • Complete braking kit with 4 sets of brake pads
  • Might disregard the aspect of quiet operation occasionally

5. Hawk HB453F.585 HPS High-Performance Street Ferro-Carbon Disc Brake Pads

Hawk HB453F.585 HPS High...
  • HPS - High Performance Street brake compound
  • Increased stopping power
  • Gentle on rotors
  • Virtually noise-free

Hawks have been in the market for quite some time now. They are experts in engineering impeccable brake pads. The specialty to their brake pads is the use of high-performance street brake compound (HPS). This component ensures a balanced level of friction and reduced wear and tear. 

Hawk HB453F.585 is known for its awesome stopping power. The well-organized design and manufacture lifts the qualities of this brake pad to the surface. This brake pad keeps the rotor safe from any kind of damage even during rough use. 

Overall, Hawk HB453F.585 is an excellent set of brake pads with safe and secure braking and driving experience. Although the price is quite high, the brake pad is amazing due to the qualities of longevity, durability, and excellent stopping power.

  • Low dust production and quiet operation
  • Does not affect the rotors
  • Impeccable and powerful stopping power
  • Excellent braking experience
  • Long-lasting
  • A lot on the pricey side

6. EBC Brakes FA185X Disc Brake Pad Set

EBC Brakes FA185X Disc Brake Pad...
  • Made using high pressure die cast aluminum...
  • All shoes are radius ground and edge trimmed
  • Features lead in and lead out chamfers at lining...
  • Original equipment style brake shoe springs...

EBC have been in the vehicle industry for many years. They manufacture some of the best brake pads. The EBC Brakes FA185X is engineered in a way to minimize dust and sound production. These semi-metallic brake pads help in keeping the wheels clean.

The aluminum platform of this brake pad is made from high-pressure die-cast aluminum which aids in the longevity and durability of this product as well as light weightiness. This brake pad, although made with an aluminum platform, doesn’t corrode or rust. 

All in all, the EBC Brakes FA185X comes with shoe springs which makes installation easy and efficient. Undoubtedly, this brake pad is one of the best brake pads on market today. They do seem low quality on the outside but deliver impeccable performance.

  • Easy installation for self-workers
  • Comes with shoe springs
  • Low dust production
  • Semi-metallic brake pad with Aluminum platform
  • Excellent stopping power
  • Not quite high-end

7. Genuine Toyota (04465-0E010) Brake Pad

Genuine Toyota 04465-0E010 Front...
  • 2010-2013 Highlander, 2010-2013 Highlander HV,...
  • A high quality OEM replacement toyota part
  • Backed by 1 year or 12k warranty which ever comes...
  • A Genuine Toyota Part

Toyota is a genuine company and offers improved and enhanced services as compared to other aftermarket brands. Brake pads from Toyota ensure high-end built quality and impeccable braking performance. They are one of the most reliable brake pads and highly preferred by most customers.

These brake pads from Toyota are the perfect fit for Toyota brand cars. They come as a set of both front and back pads. Good thing about this brake pad is that they are super easy to install even by amateurs. Toyota (04465-0E010) are semi-metallic brake pads and are durable and long-lasting.

Altogether, these brake pads from Toyota aids in minimization of sound and dust. They also reduce vibrations. However, the brand could do better with their price range but have high prices mainly due to their brand name, ‘Toyota’.

  • Perfect fit for Toyota
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Authentic brake pads from Toyota
  • Low dust production and quiet operation
  • A bit pricey

8. StopTech 309.10780 Street Performance Front Brake Pad

StopTech 309.10780 Sport Brake Pads...
  • High max operating temperature to eliminate fade
  • Excellent actuation, modulation and release
  • Para-Aramid composites for linear response
  • Ideal for autocross and light track day use

StopTech is known for making reliable and durable brake pads. StopTech 309.10780 is a stable and ultra-reliable brake pad designed specifically for street and regular use. These brake pads are known for their low dust production even with heavy use.

These brake pads ensure smooth and trouble-free experience in both cold and hot weathers. The high-temperature compound used in this braking pad ensures durability and stability of this product. This reduces the tear of these brake pads.

All in all, StopTech 309.10780 is an amazing brake pad for street performance. They are of superior quality and offer excellent braking power. They are very easy to install mainly because the manufacturer packs all the essentials required for the installation of a brake pad.

  • Easy installation
  • Outstanding braking power
  • Superior quality
  • Ultra-reliable
  • High-temperature compound
  • Optimal for regular use
  • A bit pricey

9. Centric 105.04360 PosiQuiet Ceramic Pads

Centric 105.04360 PosiQuiet Ceramic...
  • Package Dimensions: 7.8 L x 10.3 W x 16.3 H...
  • Package Weight: 1.746 kilograms
  • Country of Origin : United States
  • Included components: Kit

Centric is known for their reasonable and durable braking pads as well as smooth braking experiences. Centric 105.04360 is part of the PosiQuiet range of ceramic brake pads. These brake pads are made using positive molding which enhances its friction density.

The positive molding of this brake pad ensures longevity because it evenly wears. The braking plates of these brake pads are evenly cut to confirm perfect fit and consequently reduce noise. The stability of these brake pads depends upon the mechanical attachment of the shims.

Overall, Centric 105.04360 are super easy to install, even for amateurs. Moreover, these brake pads remove all impurities out of the friction material and guarantee excellent stopping power. These brake pads are stable, durable, powerful, long-lasting, and also entails at a reasonable price.

  • Excellent braking power
  • Shims mechanically attached
  • Positive molding
  • Reduce wear on rotors
  • Easy to install
  • Fit can be improved

10. Bosch BP976 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad Set

Bosch BP976 QuietCast Premium Disc...
  • Bosch dedicated engineering to platform specific...
  • Quiet operation with rubber core multilayer shim...
  • Advanced aerospace alloy used in patented copper...
  • Protective transfer layer extends pad and rotor...

Again on our list of best brake pads, Bosch has managed to mark its place. Bosch BP976 provides outstanding braking power. They minimize noise and are greatly durable and long-lasting. These brake pads feature an unmolded design that aids in its stability.

Bosch BP976 braking pad is made out of NAO (non-asbestos organic) material which ensures safety and durability of these pads. These brake pads are safe due to attachment of rubber core shim. This brake pad from Bosch has OE designed slots and chamfers. 

Overall, Bosch BP976 is the best of the best brake pads due to its molded shim technology. The unmolded design ensures the attachment of the shim constantly. These brake pads are easy to install due to the efficient tools provided with the hardware.

  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Strong braking power
  • Low dust and sound production
  • Reduce wear on rotors
  • Can dissipate heat evenly
  • Expensive

Buyer’s Guide For Best Brake Pads

Before you get your hands on any brake pads, it is crucial to know the factors which must be considered before purchasing the right brake pad. Following are the factors which must be taken into consideration before making any choice.

Ease of Installation

If you are someone who does their vehicle’s maintenance and repairs themselves rather than leaving the job to their mechanic, this factor is crucial for you to look at. Different manufacturers sell different combinations of tools with the brake pads. Some include the bare minimum which includes pads and shims, whereas others deliver everything that can be required during installation. The price of these sets also vary consequently. 


The material of the brake pad depends entirely on your preferences. There are various types of materials out of which a braking pad is constructed. Few types include semi-metallic and fully-metallic pads. These pads offer brilliant braking performance and durability. However, these cause nuisance and produce pollution. 

On the hand, organic pads such as ceramic pads are environment-friendly and great for the vehicle’s rotors and discs. However, their braking performance and durability are weak as compared to the metallic brake pads. Great thing about this type of brake pad is that it does not produce noise and ensures smooth braking experience. 

Operating Temperature 

Usually, the average temperature of braking systems does not exceed 392 degrees Fahrenheit but sometime it may rise above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit due to high speed or weather conditions. A good brake pad must be able to endure the rise in temperature and resist the fade of the brakes. That is why it is necessary to understand what temperature the brake pad is capable of enduring, before purchasing a brake pad. 

Noise Level

Brake pads that have worn away due to rash driving can screech and produce boisy sounds disturbing the environment. Usually, semi-metallic and fully-metallic brake pads are much noisy as compared to organic or ceramic brake pads. Ceramic brake pads are silent and are common in developed foreign countries.  


Manufacturers design brake pads according to the specific application of the brake pad. Some brake pads are engineered for small vehicles that usually have lighter usability, whereas others are for high and rough usability for drivers who are aggressive drivers. So, before buying a brake pad you must be certain about your driving needs and style.

What are the best brake pads, ceramic or metallic?

The choice between ceramic and metallic brake pads lies completely within the driver’s driving needs. Those drivers who are performance-driven prefer the metallic brake pads. Metallic pads provide enhanced and more influential braking performance as compared to ceramic brake pads. They cope up pretty well with a wide range of temperatures and weathers.

Are premium brake pads worth it?

Yes, premium brake pads are definitely worth buying. They enhance the stopping power and reduce the effect of wearing out brakes. Premium brake pads provide a better brake feel since they are high-end brake pads. They make the braking experience smoother, even, and accurate.

Which brake pads have the best stopping power?

Well, the answer to this particular question depends on person to person experiences. However, ceramic brake pads have an outstanding stopping power. They release the heat evenly which is ideal for great driving applications. Ceramic brake pads are pollution-friendly and durable. In developed countries, almost all cars are equipped with ceramic brake pads as they do not produce noise and dust.

How much longer do ceramic brake pads last?

Ceramic brake pads last for up to 70,000 miles. This is a standard value which applies to all types of ceramic brake pads.

Does it matter what brake pads I use?

Every vehicle comes with brake pads that go line in line with the type of vehicle it is and the performance it generates. Every vehicle has a different combination of braking system. The friction materials used in brake pads deliver particular requirements and performance results.

What are the pros and cons of ceramic brake pads?

Ceramic brake pads extend brake life as compared to metallic brake pads. They don’t cause nuisance and are not abrasive. They release much of the brake stress and make the brakes durable. They are highly resistant to heat which aids in the longevity of the braking system.


These were some of the best brake pads in the market. Picking the right pad for your vehicle is important because they allow you to stop your vehicle. With the advancements in manufacturing and technology, vehicles come with great quality brake pads but unfortunately these brake pads wear out due to rough use and long time. 

Many people leave the choice of replacing or repairing their car’s brake pads to the mechanic, while many choose to do this job themselves. So to cater to their needs, this article might be of great help as it suggests some of the best brake pads, a guide on how to buy it, and some mind-confusing questions which are answered with expert and customer reviews.

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